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Climate and Weather of Praia da Luz, Portugal

The climate of Praia da Luz According to Plus Size Tips, Praia da Luz (also called Luz de Lagos) is a popular tourist destination in the Algarve, in the southern part of Portugal. Praia da Luz is located in the municipality of Lagos. This former fishing village is especially popular with the English and with… Read more »

Climate and Weather of Carcassonne, France

The climate of Carcassonne According to Picktrue, Carcassonne is the capital of the Languedoc-Rousillion region and is located on both banks of the River Aude. Aube is one of the warmest regions of France. Carcassonne is a beautiful medieval city that has remained very well intact. The city is therefore also on the UNESCO World… Read more »

Best time to visit the Romantic Road, Germany

Do you want to know when is the best time to travel to the Romantic Road? You can determine the best time to travel to a destination based on the weather and climate. In addition, there are other factors that are not directly related to the weather and that can influence the best travel periods… Read more »

Climate and Weather of Sumqayit, Azerbaijan

The climate of Sumqayit Sumqayit is a large city in northeastern Azerbaijan, located on the Caspian Sea. Sumqayit is one of the most polluted places on earth due to the many industry, which originated mainly in the Soviet era and was even declared the most polluted place on earth in 2006. This is not something… Read more »

Climate and Weather of Kirkuk, Iraq

The climate of Kirkuk Kirkuk is a large city in northern Iraq in Kirkuk Province, not far from the Hasa River. At the last census, more than 1.2 million people lived here, about 1/3 of whom are Kurds. According to tradition, the city was founded by the Hurrians around 2400 BC. Later the city was… Read more »

Climate and Weather of Ghat, Libya

The climate of Ghat The city of Ghat is located in southwestern Libya, at an altitude of about 700 meters above sea level, in the Sahara. Ghat sits on the border with neighboring Algeria and used to be an important caravan site on the way to Niger. The city is located in the residential area… Read more »

Climate and Weather in Barranquilla, Colombia

The climate of Barranquilla According to BRIDGAT.COM, Barranquilla is located in the north of Colombia on the coast. The city is located behind the wetlands off the coast and on the Magdalena River, which flows widely into the sea here. Due to its location, Barranquilla is an important port city and industrial center for Colombia,… Read more »

Cities and Resorts in Morocco

Fes The city of Fez is located 198 km from Rabat, its population is 920 thousand inhabitants. The oldest city in Morocco, Fez is one of the first civilized cities in the Arab world. This is the mysterious capital of the Maghreb, which hides the great legends of the past. Many of the tourists tend… Read more »

Romania Interesting Facts

On the territory of modern Romania, people lived already 42 thousand years ago. In the 16th century, the Slavs began to settle on the territory of modern Romania. According to Inside Watch, Romania has achieved and continues to achieve the greatest success in sports in gymnastics, rowing and athletics. In the past, Romania was divided… Read more »

Northwest Territories, Canada

East of the Yukon Territory are the Northwest Territories. In addition to the mainland, they also include part of the islands of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. The Northwest Territories is known for its diamond deposits and contains four of the largest kimberlite pipes in the country. This region is considered one of the world’s largest… Read more »

Cyprus Food and Wines

Cypriots know a lot about food, and they often associate the concept of relaxation with a table richly filled with dishes. The national Cypriot cuisine has incorporated all the best of the culinary secrets of its neighbors in the Mediterranean. It is based on the traditions of Greek and Turkish cuisine, the influence of Armenian… Read more »

What to See in Olongapo and Puerto Princesa (Philippines)

  Olongapo, Luzon island (Philippines) According to Health Beauty Guides, Olongapo is located on the island of Luzon on the northwestern shore of Subic Bay about 100 km from Manila. In the 19th century, a Spanish military base was equipped in the bay, later it was conquered by the Americans. Until recently, the American naval… Read more »

What to See in Kerkyra, Corfu (Greece)

Kerkyra (Corfu) is the capital of the island of the same name. Kerkyra is a Greek name, and Corfu is an Italian one, which has taken root among foreigners. Corfu is the second largest island in the Ionian Sea after Kefalonia. It is the northernmost of the entire group and is considered the most beautiful.… Read more »

Bruges in Belgium

Going to beautiful Bruges is like taking a trip back in time. With its medieval charm, the capital of West Flanders attracts every guest immediately under its spell. For this reason too, Bruges was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000. During the time Bruges also attracted the interest of the tourists as… Read more »

May Day Square, Russia

In the southwestern part of the Kremlin, just behind the Spassky Gates, stands the Transfiguration Monastery.. The monastery was founded in the 16th century and was immediately surrounded by a stone fence, that is, it was isolated from the city and lived according to its own laws. To this day, only the basement floor of… Read more »

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo, USA: detailed description, address and photo. Animal species, zoo tours, tourist reviews. This zoo is incredibly popular – and deservedly so. The San Diego Zoo is home to over 3,700 animals from over 650 species and subspecies. The zoo’s founding organization, San Diego Zoo Global, is the largest zoological society in the… Read more »

Pentagon, USA

Pentagon (USA) – description, history, location. Exact address, phone number, website. Reviews of tourists, photos and videos. The Pentagon – one of the most important buildings in America, which is a symbol of the highest power of the country, was built in the first half of the 20th century. It houses the US Department of… Read more »

Guatemala Climate and Hydrography

Located between 13 ° 54 ′ and 17 ° 48 ′ north latitude, Guatemala falls within the domain of warm, tropical equatorial climates. The altimetry, by modifying the temperatures and rainfall, allows the region to be divided into the following bands: 1) tierra caliente, from sea level to 600 meters, with average annual temperatures above… Read more »

Saudi Arabia History and Cinema

History. – On the strength of its economic and financial prestige, the Saudi Arabia continued to propose itself as the guide of moderate and traditionalist Arabism: not an easy task, because the turmoil that agitates the Islamic world has repeatedly questioned the rigorous regime of Riyāḍ connecting with local opposition tendencies and manifesting itself in… Read more »