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Australia Geography

Climate and Weather There are very different climatic zones and different seasons depending on the north-south extent and the size of the country. The Australian winter is very pleasant by European standards (low season in Australia). Best time for trips to the outback: April to October. Seasons: are opposite to those of the northern hemisphere Spring: Sep.… Read more »

Emigration to Japan

Area: 377,835 km² Residents: 126,045,000 (2017) Population density: 333.6 E / km² Form of Government: Parliamentary hereditary monarchy System of Government: Parliamentary democracy Neighboring countries: none (island) Capital: Tokyo National language: Japanese Religions: over 80% Shinto and Buddhists at the same time, 0.17% Jehovah’s Witnesses Currency: Yen (JPY) 1 Yen = 100 Sen Exchange rates: 1 EUR = 127.75 JPY 100 JPY = 0.78 EUR… Read more »

Nigeria Shopping and Currency

MONEY Currency 1 naira = 100 kobo. Currency abbreviation: N, NGN (ISO code). Banknotes are available in denominations of 1,000, 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 N; Coins are no longer used. There are plans to create a common West African currency, the Eco, but exact dates have not yet been set. Credit… Read more »

Dining Guide – Outside Palermo

Monreale With the sightseeing bus you can get to the suburb of Monreale, which is located approx. 10 km from the center. Here you will find the most beautiful church, Santa Maria la Nuova. From the outside, it is not so remarkable – apart from an apse with some beautiful Gothic arches. But inside, the… Read more »

Casa Migliaca, Sicily, Italy

Casa Migliaca is located 7 km from the north coast of Sicily, midway between Messina and Palermo, not far from Cefalù. The place has always belonged to the Allegra family, Signora Teresa’s family who lived in the nearby town of Mistretta. Thanks to the mild climate and the light breezes, the owners have always regarded… Read more »

History of Sicily Part II

In 395, the Roman Empire was divided into the Western Roman Empire, which had Rome as its capital, and the Eastern Roman Empire, where the capital was Byzantium. Vandals finally became the Western Roman Empire. The Vandals were a Germanic tribe that emigrated around the year 100 from the area that is today Poland. They… Read more »

History of Sicily Part I

For those interested in history, Sicily is a must with a background completely different from the rest of Italy. Some turbulent millennia have left their mark in the form of numerous notable buildings scattered scattered across the island. The Greeks found Sicily early on, as evidenced by the breathtaking temples and theaters – some of… Read more »

Wood Buffalo National Park

Vast areas and unique animals: Canada’s largest nature reserve, the Wood Buffalo National Park, is located in the northeast of the province of Alberta. On a gigantic area of ​​44,807 square kilometers, about one eighth the size of Germany, a wonderful landscape of a boreal character stretches out, which captivates the visitor in a variety… Read more »

Turkmenistan Neutrality Policy and Relationships with post-Soviet Countries in Central Asia

Neutrality Policy The argumentative basis of the country’s international relations is the self-declared permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan, recognized on December 12, 1995 by the United Nations in Resolution A / 50/80 (A). The government defines this neutrality as follows: Preservation and development of national independence Creating a climate of national economic growth Pursuing national interests… Read more »

Brazil Federal District

Located in lands ceded by Goiás , the Federal District is the area in which Brasilia, capital of Brazil and seat of the political power of the Union is located. It was inaugurated in April 1960 and houses the federal Legislative, Executive and Judiciary powers. Territorial and political aspects According to Weddinginfashion, the Federal District… Read more »

The Most Useful Travel Apps at a Glance

The smartphone is our constant companion and proves to be a little helper in many situations – also when traveling, because thanks to the practical app you can make a lot of things easier on vacation. I’ll show you 10 useful travel apps that everyone should have! Nowadays there are many useful travel apps that… Read more »

Amazon and Galapagos

Join us for some of South America’s absolute highlights. The journey starts with us taking a beautiful journey from the Andes to the Amazon. A great journey not only for the fantastic views but also in terms of the exciting culture with Shamans and the many medicinal plants that are revealed here. We spend three… Read more »

Sights in Miami

When you hear the word Miami, you immediately have wonderful pictures in front of your eyes: miles of fine sandy dream beaches, palm trees, Caribbean flair and of course the sun. And so is the reality in the most famous city of the Sunshine State Florida! Miami is a year-round travel destination with a subtropical… Read more »

Sights in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is considered the idiosyncratic beauty of the Canary Islands, because the island is blessed with a charm that some initially perceive as a bit bitter. But on closer inspection, it is the force of the elements that give Lanzarote a very unique flair. The volcanic origins put humility, but also creativity, in the cradle… Read more »

Sights in Kos

The island of Kos is one of the Greek Dodecanese islands in the southeastern Aegean. As the third largest of its 18 inhabited islands, its northern tip extends to around 5 kilometers from the Turkish peninsula of Bodrum. Its capital, which is also located in the northern part of the island and bears the name… Read more »

Sun and Wine in Provence

Provence, located in the south of France, popular as a tourist destination, has its feet in the Mediterranean and head to the Alps. Between it are vineyards, lavender valleys, historic towns and beautiful villages. The trump card of Provence is the famous trio: herbs, sun and wines. In the lush valley of the Rhône River,… Read more »

Tallinn Travel Guide

Historic Tallinn is a popular destination favored by Finns. A holiday in Tallinn is spent quickly shopping, relaxing in the spas and exploring the historical quarters. Tallinn is a short-distance travel destination loved by Finns, which pampers, offers experiences and is also a great destination for active travel. The affordable price level also attracts tourists… Read more »

Sri Lanka – Discover The East Coast

SRI LANKA – DISCOVER THE EAST COAST Would you like to explore Sri Lanka in the summer months? This itinerary is perfect for this period. You will discover the highlights of Sri Lanka – the cultural triangle, the abundance of animals in the national parks and the hilly tea country. In addition, the beaches on… Read more »

Mexico Small Group Tour

There’s no question that Mexico has a lot more to offer travelers than just tacos and tequila. You will also be amazed by the music, history and people here. Cities, beaches, jungles and, last but not least, the tasty mole sauce await you on this 14-day adventure tour. Relax on the beach, discover Mayan ruins… Read more »

Jamaica – Comprehensive Round Trip

As one of the largest countries in Caribbean according to COUNTRYAAH, Jamaica is best known for Bob Marley, a relaxed atmosphere and good rum. But the island also offers travelers fascinating landscapes and warm locals as well as the best coffee in the world. Beach lovers as well as adventurers get their money’s worth here.… Read more »