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Myanmar Tour Plan

Myanmar is among countries that start with M listed on The landscape of Myanmar is very varied: fertile plains, wetlands, untouched islands such as the Mergui Archipelago can be found here as well as the highest mountain in Southeast Asia – the 5,881 m high Hkakabo Razi on the border between Myanmar, India and… Read more »

Israel Tour Plan

Israel is among countries that start with I listed on The most important cities of Israel are, besides the capital Jerusalem – which as the holy city of Christians, Jews and Muslims is the most important tourist destination in the country – the coastal cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa. With the Dead Sea,… Read more »

Croatia Travel Guide

The EU country Croatia (Republika Hravatska) attracts with its 1,177 kilometers of coast, which stretches from Istria to Dalmatia. The parallel Dinaric Mountains form the boundary between the coastal region and the flat eastern Croatian inland. Within the Dinarides, the Velebit stretches over a distance of 145 km from north to south. This mountain range,… Read more »

Bulgaria Tour Plan

As a country that starts with B listed on, Bulgaria is divided into four landscape zones: 1.) the lowlands of the North Bulgarian Plate south of the Danube; 2.) the Balkan Mountains with elevations up to 2,300 m, which spreads from west to east through the center of the country; 3.) the Central Bulgarian… Read more »

South America Trade Unions

GUYANA According to, there are 12 countries in South America. The legislation guarantees the right of all employees to form and join trade unions and the right to collective bargaining. However, the union’s activities are opposed by the state, which puts negotiations out of play in the public sector, while illegal dismissals in the… Read more »

Middle East Trade Unions

QATAR According to, Qatar is a country located in Middle East. Qatar became a member of the ILO in 1972, but has not ratified the conventions giving workers the right to form trade unions. In 2004, the emir enacted a new labor market law that gives workers the right to form trade unions and… Read more »

Southeastern Asia Trade Unions

MALAYSIA According to the Malaysian constitution, workers have the right to organize. In reality, however, trade union rights are restricted. A first limitation is that employees only have the right to join a trade union that is linked to the industry in which they work. An even more important limitation is that many do not… Read more »

Central Africa Trade Unions

EQUATORIAL GUINEA According to, Equatorial Guinea is a country located in Central Africa. The right to organize in a trade union does not work in practice. The country has not sent a delegation to the ILO’s annual conference nor a report. The ILO has called on the government to ensure that legislation is modernized to… Read more »

Western Africa Trade Unions

GHANA According to, Ghana  is a country located in Western Africa. Even when Ghana became the first colony south of the Sahara to gain independence in 1957, there was a strong trade union organization. The union has continued to play an important role in society and the movement was united for a long time and the… Read more »

Eastern Africa Trade Unions

MADAGASCAR According to, Madagascar is a country located in Eastern Africa. The number of wage workers in Madagascar is very small. Trade unionists are often harassed, especially in the free trade zones, but strikes still occur. Wages are often set by a tripartite committee, but collective bargaining also occurs and increases in scope. Madagascar’s trade union movement… Read more »

Oversized Men’s Socks

Men’s socks to combine happy size The high-quality men’s socks by perfect every outfit of a handsome man with oversize. The fashion company for chubby women, which has been successful for 15 years, also presents an excellent range for strong men. The certified men’s socks, which are available in packs of five, match the… Read more »

Large Size Nightwear

Relaxation during sleep: men’s nightwear The right men’s nightwear is crucial for a restful sleep and for increased well-being. Nothing is worse than poorly fitting sleepwear that pinches and pinches all night, that is too cold or too warm. In our online shop, fashion experts have put together a range of men’s nightwear for you.… Read more »

Congo-Brazzaville Country Profile 2006-2007

The Republic of Congo-Brazzaville is one of the poorest countries in the world and one of the countries with the most debt. This despite the fact that the country is rich in resources. In 2007, parliamentary elections will be held, but many are afraid that conflicts may erupt if the country does not receive international… Read more »

Burkina Faso

The Social Democratic Party “Congrès pour la Démocratie et le Progrès” (CDP) has ruled the country for 23 years, and President Blaise Compaoré has been re-elected three times. In November 2010, a new presidential election is planned. The Burkina Faso diplomacy, with President Blaise Compaoré at the helm, has recently contributed as a mediator in… Read more »


Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan has major challenges ahead. The 2011 election will be a national milestone. The power struggle in the country will continue until the election. Nigeria was plunged into a constitutional crisis when former President Yar’Adua fell ill and died in the winter of 2010. A conflict-filled period ended with Goodluck Jonathan taking… Read more »

Arc’teryx Baseball Cap

Arc’teryx Logo:   Brand facts: Arc’teryx is a world leading brand manufacturing outdoor clothing and sports products like insulated jackets, ready-to-wear, packs, climbing gear, accessories and so on. They merge the unrivaled designs with the best quality materials, aiming to create the finest products with innovative style and durable performance. Main Categories: Shell jackets, insulated… Read more »

Ambler Mountain Works BBB Baseball Cap

Ambler Mountain Works Logo:   Brand Facts: Ambler Mountain Works BBB is a Canadian brand specializing in manufacturing mountain fleece hats, bags, scarves and other accessories for people living in mountains. Based on collaboration, adventure and unique innovation, they are committed to create quality and functional products for people to enjoy and make a difference… Read more »

Airblaster Baseball Cap

Airblaster   Logo:   Brand facts: Airblaster is an American brand manufacturing ready-to-wear, eyewear, headwear and accessories for snowboarding and winter activities. Their mission is to share the ideals of fun, freedom and friends, and they are striving to create innovative and quality gears and apparel for customers to enjoy the winter’s entertainments.   Main… Read more »

Wilson Baseball Cap

Wilson   Logo:   Brand facts: Wilson is a world leading sports brand manufacturing rackets, strings, bags, balls, grips, apparel, shoes, gears and other accessories for tennis, baseball, golf, football, basketball and other sports. They have created many legendary classics by breaking through the technologies in designing sports products and gained world’s recognition to participate… Read more »

Warrior Sports Baseball Cap in Asia

Warrior Sports Logo:   Brand Facts: Warrior Sports is an American sports brand manufacturing apparel, footwear, gears and accessories for football, ice hockey, lacrosse, and other activities. They focus on the core values of technical superiority, grassroots marketing, original, creative youthful expression and close partnerships with suppliers and customers, striving to create the best sports… Read more »