Bigalli Baseball Cap BBW

by | September 18, 2014


Brand Facts:

  • Bigalli started its story in 1930s when a hatter’s son called Ezio Bigalli Corbani ventured to South America for starting a new life.
  • The brand provides many kinds of hats like fur felt hat, wool felt hat and Panama hat for American and European markets.
  •  They insist on a life style of hard work, honesty and making good quality hats.

Bigalli Baseball Cap BBW



Main Categories:

Tradition hat, expedition hat, unique hat

BBW stands for Big Baseball Window. See abbreviationfinder.


Time and place: 1926, US

Founder: Ezio Bigalli Corbani

Headquarter Location:

Florida, US

Worldwide Locations:

US, Chile, Germany, Australia

New Arrivals


Price Range: 

Baseball cap: USD35-USD50

Official Website:


TheFilled Square by Sabine Lippert is not only good at the neck. This may be my self-knitted hat. Then with such a red herring also anyone more striking that I actually quite wrong look with cap… if the good piece over the winter must be cleaned once but simply unbutton;-)

You can wear the Filled Square of Sabine Lippert not Only as necklace. This one decorates my hand-knitted hat. With this diversionary tactic no one recognizes that I look somehow”weird” with a hat…

With such a cap you can also experience a lot. After the work on the way home…I run my round like a tiger with hospitalism on the platform, so that nobody can stand next to me and dare to talk with me about the topic”punctuality of public transport”. I’ve left my desk anyway already with bad mood and the suburban train is probably also gone. I think you can imagine how I run just before the explosion standing in a circle. And then, somehow, I feel like someone follows… But do not ask for it and do not ask today… Suddenly someone is standing next to me and before I have managed to get air, he asks,”Where did you buy this beautiful hat? “I answer: self-knit! And think the conversation is over. Then he said, “Would you knit me like this?” I’m a bit perplexed, at the moment his subway is coming in, and he asks me about my name and my department and then enters the subway. My mood has turned 180°, I can even smile again! Well and the next day I had then an email in the mailbox and a coffee there was also still and I will still knit a second cap. This is however without bling. Should be a single piece;-)!

With a cap like that you can make nice experiences. The other day after work on my way home… I walked on the platform like a tiger in the zoo, so that no one can stand beside me.I’m not my next train. I think it’s a good idea. And I have the feeling that I have not been able to do it anyway.”I have a hand-knitted!” I answer Hand-Knitted! And hoped our conversation is finished. But he asks “Would you like me?” I was quite perplexed. In this moment his tram arrives and he asks me: “What’s your name and what department do you work in?” And boards the train. My mood has been completely changed and I can smile again! The next day I’ve got a bladder. It should be an individual piece;-)!

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