Bikini and One-Piece Bathing Suit

The years go by, swimwear fashion evolves, it is changing and increasingly there are more types of clothing to wear at the beach or in the pool. The trikini, attempts to gain a foothold among the Lord bathing suit and enter the desired bikini. There are many colors, in many forms, some that teach more and others who teach less. To know what is the garment that best suits you and help you choose the style of bathroom that you like, see these tips and then decide to try a few outfits.

The bikini more favors to young girls, because it shows much of the body, and these are often so smooth and firm. Bikini design is varied, being able to choose which you feel better depending on your silhouette: in triangle or curtain, with ring, band, tied to the neck,… and panties: low, tied on the sides, tall, short,… It is swimwear ideal for Sun if we want to have a Tan uniform and more comfortable to beat heat and sticky sand according to

The trikini, still not been imposed much at the moment, continues triumphing over the bikini, but come the day that we see more trikinis than bikinis on the beach. The trikinis design I love, are very nice and the models are very well. They are more sensitive to choose swimsuits, not worth an intermediate point, looks good on you or you have bad. I see them very daring, perhaps because even many unseen among the people. The trikini, how much wider is the middle part of the abdomen, more shape.

The bathing suit It is the most comfortable for swimming and that more body cover. If you get modesty go to the beach because you don’t want to teach barriguilla, bathing suit helps to cover it. If you don’t want that you the Sun and you want to protect yourself from it, it is the best alternative in swimwear.

Buy a bikini or a swimsuit is not a thing to go to the store and take it, is a matter of entering the tester and try several. In this type of clothing is most noticeable taste difference when it is in the hanger When we see it in our body.

Comes shyly the trikini, but will be breaking. The same thing happened to bikini and now, most girls have bikini and same thing happens if we remember the arrival of the bathing suit. In would you buy? There is much to choose from bikini, one piece or swimsuit? But if there is a good repertoire of shapes and colors. I believe that someday they will cease to exist all these clothes swimwear and bikinis because, increasingly, parts of the bikinis are smaller and more and more people are doing topless. From here, the nudity is a step.