Canada National Parks

by | October 19, 2021

With an area of ​​almost 10 million square kilometers, Canada is the second largest country in the world. The relatively young country has managed to preserve the untouched nature of its huge national parks and to protect the numerous animal and plant species in these areas. The national parks in all parts of the country can be discovered. Whether on the Atlantic coast, the huge forest areas in the center of the country, the Arctic, the western mountain ranges or along the Pacific coast, every region spoils its visitors with national parks of incomparable beauty.

The history of the Canadian national parks leads those interested back to the year 1885. At that time, a relatively small area north of the Sulfur Mountains was placed under conservation. This was followed at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century by the Glacier, Yoho and Waterton Lakes National Parks, which are located in the west of the country. The first national park in eastern Canada was opened with the St. Lawrence Islands National Park in 1904. Today these nature reserves are monitored by state authorities, with individual rules of conduct for visitors in each park. Guests should find out more about this in the numerous park offices.

The national parks are ideal for an active holiday. Visitors enjoy canoeing, long hikes, bike tours, fishing trips, skiing and walking with snowshoes. The excellent campsites, which are mostly embedded in a breathtaking landscape, allow a stay of several days.

Among the more than 40 national parks there are some that stand out from the crowd with their beauty. These include in particular the Wood Buffalo National Park, St. Lawrence Islands National Park and Banff Park.

The Wood Buffalo National Park is considered the largest nature reserve in the country and has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. In addition to the endangered forest bison, visitors can spot moose, black bears, lynxes, marmots, wolves and grizzlies.

The St Lawrence Islands National Park is where tourists meet on a visit to the Thousand Islands region of the Saint Lawrence River. This relatively small park consists of a total of 20 islands, each of which attracts visitors in its own way.

Banff Park is located in the Rocky Mountains and is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful national parks in the country. Here visitors can enjoy alpine landscapes, huge glaciers and ice surfaces as well as large forest areas.


Toronto is a very important metropolis and the largest city in beautiful Canada, and it really has some interesting things to offer to visitors to this country. The sight of this modern city with its partly futuristic buildings is certainly one of the sights.

The city is located on the shores of Lake Ontario, in other words in a very beautiful area, in which, despite the typical characteristics of a big city, you can enjoy a bit of landscape and nature. Which of course makes a stay in this area all the more beautiful and varied.

The CN Tower there is not only the tallest building in this city, but also the largest television tower in the world and thus protrudes far between the other houses and buildings, so that it has become the most important landmark of the city and, of course, shapes its image very much.

With over 200 different parks in Toronto, you don’t have to look for a long way to go for a walk and experience nature, because that’s easily possible there even in the middle of the city. So that you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city quickly, whenever you want.

Various museums and other cultural institutions that deal with many different topics ensure a rich cultural offer that leaves nothing to be desired and something suitable for every taste. In Toronto, different important events from many different branches take place year after year, some of which are really worth a visit and which should not be missed if the opportunity arises. Toronto is a colorful mixture of modern city and small forest, in which you can always get exactly what you want, experience lots of great plants and lakes. Conversely, you can also get numerous pleasures of life in the city, so that boredom is out of the question and the variety ensures a pleasant stay that will be remembered again and again.

Canada National Parks