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Cities and Resorts in Morocco

Fes The city of Fez is located 198 km from Rabat, its population is 920 thousand inhabitants. The oldest city in Morocco, Fez is one of the first civilized cities in the Arab world. This is the mysterious capital of the Maghreb, which hides the great legends of the past. Many of the tourists tend… Read more »

Geography of South Africa

Located between 16°24′ and 31° East longitude and 22° and 34°42′ South latitude; in the south it is washed by the Atlantic and Indian oceans. In the west, the cold Benguela Current approaches the shores, and in the east, the warm Mozambique Current. The coastline is not indented, but there are very convenient bays. It… Read more »

Geography of Morocco

General information about Morocco According to allcitycodes, the official name is The Kingdom of Morocco. Located in northwest Africa. The area is 446.550 thousand km2, the population is 30.65 million people. (2001). The official language is Arabic. The capital is the city of Rabat (1601 thousand people, including residents of the suburbs of Sal^, 2001).… Read more »

Tanzania Landmarks

Serengeti National Park It is an impressive spectacle to explore the Serengeti National Park with its various wild animals. This park is the oldest national park in Tanzania and it is a very special experience to watch the zebras and gazelles in huge herds during migration. But the Serengeti National Park is not only a… Read more »

Kenya History

HISTORY: FROM THE ORIGINS TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC Reliable hypotheses suggest that the large area, later known as East Africa, was home to Bushman and Proto-Hamite populations. Blacks must have settled in the region from the 10th millennium BC. C.; they would be followed by emigrations of Hamite, Bantu, Nilotic and Nilotic-Hamitic peoples.… Read more »

Nigeria Shopping and Currency

MONEY Currency 1 naira = 100 kobo. Currency abbreviation: N, NGN (ISO code). Banknotes are available in denominations of 1,000, 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 N; Coins are no longer used. There are plans to create a common West African currency, the Eco, but exact dates have not yet been set. Credit… Read more »

Sights in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is considered the idiosyncratic beauty of the Canary Islands, because the island is blessed with a charm that some initially perceive as a bit bitter. But on closer inspection, it is the force of the elements that give Lanzarote a very unique flair. The volcanic origins put humility, but also creativity, in the cradle… Read more »

Central Africa Trade Unions

EQUATORIAL GUINEA According to, Equatorial Guinea is a country located in Central Africa. The right to organize in a trade union does not work in practice. The country has not sent a delegation to the ILO’s annual conference nor a report. The ILO has called on the government to ensure that legislation is modernized to… Read more »

Western Africa Trade Unions

GHANA According to, Ghana  is a country located in Western Africa. Even when Ghana became the first colony south of the Sahara to gain independence in 1957, there was a strong trade union organization. The union has continued to play an important role in society and the movement was united for a long time and the… Read more »

Eastern Africa Trade Unions

MADAGASCAR According to, Madagascar is a country located in Eastern Africa. The number of wage workers in Madagascar is very small. Trade unionists are often harassed, especially in the free trade zones, but strikes still occur. Wages are often set by a tripartite committee, but collective bargaining also occurs and increases in scope. Madagascar’s trade union movement… Read more »