Russia Religion

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The constitution (Article 28) guarantees freedom of religion, follows the principle of the separation of state and religion and expressly excludes the establishment of a state religion (Article 14). The religious communities are subject to state registration at the federal … Continued

Emigration to Japan

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Area: 377,835 km² Residents: 126,045,000 (2017) Population density: 333.6 E / km² Form of Government: Parliamentary hereditary monarchy System of Government: Parliamentary democracy Neighboring countries: none (island) Capital: Tokyo National language: Japanese Religions: over 80% Shinto and Buddhists at the same time, 0.17% Jehovah’s Witnesses Currency: Yen (JPY) 1 Yen … Continued

Top 10 Sights in Armenia

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Little Armenia convinces with great landscapes. Views between the Ararat and the Caucasus, green valleys and lonely mountain villages attract vacationers with a sense for something special. The country is not yet on the major tourist maps, but the old … Continued

Quick Facts About Armenia

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Armenia is roughly the size of the state of Brandenburg and has a good 3 million inhabitants. A third of them live in the capital Yerevan (also Yerevan or Yerevan). As a country located in western Asia featured by COUNTRYAAH, … Continued

Trips To Japan

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Why travel to Japan? According to COUNTRYAAH, Japan is one of the most fascinating destinations in all of Asia. In the land of the rising sun, you will find major attractions on the continent, monasteries and shrines, breathtakingly beautiful gardens … Continued

Trips to the Maldives

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Why travel to the Maldives? According to COUNTRYAAH, The Maldives is an independent island nation located in the Indian Ocean southwest of Sri Lanka. The Maldives includes a total of 1,190 beautiful islands, of which only about 200 are inhabited. … Continued

Attractions in Laos

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As globalization has spread to Southeast Asia, Laos has in many ways managed to preserve its old traditions and way of life. Check COUNTRYAAH to find a list of all countries starting with letter L. Charmed by mysticism and admire … Continued

Beach Vacation in Southern Thailand

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This trip combines a relaxing beach vacation on Thailand’s best sandy beaches with unique nature experiences in the pristine rainforest of Khao Sok National Park. In Phuket, on Kata Beach, the sun roasts from full blade on an almost dazzling … Continued

How To Convert Euros To Thai Baht

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EXCHANGE EUROS IN BAHT AND INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT THE THAI CURRENCY THAI BAHT: THE CURRENCY NAMED AFTER A UNIT OF WEIGHT FOR GOLD According to Countryaah, the baht (THB) is the currency of Thailand. Originally, however, bath is a unit … Continued

How To Convert Euros To Japanese Yen

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JAPANESE YEN: EURO EXCHANGE RATE, BUYING ONLINE AND USEFUL INFORMATION Here you can conveniently buy Japanese yen and other currencies for your travel online. Have the current yen-euro exchange rate displayed above or using the XE currency converter – and … Continued