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Congo-Brazzaville Country Profile 2006-2007

The Republic of Congo-Brazzaville is one of the poorest countries in the world and one of the countries with the most debt. This despite the fact that the country is rich in resources. In 2007, parliamentary elections will be held, but many are afraid that conflicts may erupt if the country does not receive international… Read more »

Burkina Faso

The Social Democratic Party “Congrès pour la Démocratie et le Progrès” (CDP) has ruled the country for 23 years, and President Blaise Compaoré has been re-elected three times. In November 2010, a new presidential election is planned. The Burkina Faso diplomacy, with President Blaise Compaoré at the helm, has recently contributed as a mediator in… Read more »


Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan has major challenges ahead. The 2011 election will be a national milestone. The power struggle in the country will continue until the election. Nigeria was plunged into a constitutional crisis when former President Yar’Adua fell ill and died in the winter of 2010. A conflict-filled period ended with Goodluck Jonathan taking… Read more »