Celine – Cruise Collection 2010

Since the departure of Phoebe Philo for Chloe house (in 2006), the fashion world could not stop the regret. So at the announcement of his taking office as creative director at Celine, it was boiling among fashionistas, each hoping to find small pieces, beautifully girly and easy to live with its success. With the collection Resort 2010 Celine, the verdict is the muse of Phoebe Philo grew …

We had left Phoebe Philo at the peak of his glory, adored by it girls bohemian chic. We find today most brain, infusing her collection mature enough to entice the former girl Chloe , who became at Celine woman. If Philo codes have not changed (minimalist lines, the easy wear, contemporary volumes being quite the appointment), all took a sharper turn, offering a cloakroom turned towards modernity without forgetting d ‘To be accessible.

Sleek, simple, fair and without an ounce of frills, the Celine silhouettes directly attract the eye of the beholder. Clearly, cigarette pants in nude silk, structured tailoring and combining sets cooliness or minimalist dresses appear to be the perfect uniform of city. The latter can also easily mix these different pieces in multiple ways.

So between iridescent beige, black coal and a few green touches army and navy, the new world of Phoebe Philo takes shape. the will to make a timeless wardrobe One feels, composed of strong basics and elegantly modern lines, to provide an image Celine immune to the waltz trends.

Therefore, the performance is not located in a particular invention aimed to revolutionize the face of fashion, but more in the subtlety of the cup and research materials. Indeed, at a time when everything seems to have been done in fashion, Philo has the intelligence to focus its attention on the development of new “fabric”, an area that can still bring fashionable a degree of originality. One can also observe the presence of a tuxedo in sweat finely iridescent, having nothing to envy the techniques developed by Ghesquière at Balenciaga .

Moreover we note in passing that the stylistic angle of the collection has many similarities with the work of that … But leave that aside and savor the sublime blazer capes of creative, which alone could be enough to validate the talent of the young woman.

Meanwhile the fashion week in October (during which Philo will mark the spirits to validate his return), so it suffices to this draft, which is undoubtedly good news for more …