Cities and Resorts in Morocco

by | August 15, 2022


The city of Fez is located 198 km from Rabat, its population is 920 thousand inhabitants. The oldest city in Morocco, Fez is one of the first civilized cities in the Arab world. This is the mysterious capital of the Maghreb, which hides the great legends of the past. Many of the tourists tend to Fes precisely in order to see its ancient medina Fes el Bali, the most extensive surviving in Morocco. In fact, this is a huge museum, located right under the open sky. Suffice it to say that in former times the country was called the Kingdom of Fes.

The city is still considered the spiritual and cultural center of Morocco, and its famous Kairouan University is known far beyond the Kingdom. Fez is developing harmoniously. It organizes modern productions of the textile, chemical, metalworking, leather, woodworking industries and art crafts, among which weaving, leather processing, jewelry and pottery stand out.

In city blocks, amazing handmade souvenirs are born right before your eyes. Fez is traditionally considered the stronghold of the local bourgeoisie, which for centuries has provided the main personnel of the intellectual, economic and bureaucratic elite of the Kingdom.

According to Just in Shoes, Fez is an endless labyrinth of narrow medieval streets and lanes, a third of which ends in dead ends, a journey along craft workshops and local merchants’ shops, where you never guess what is hidden behind inconspicuous doors: a luxurious palace or a poor man’s shack.

It is curious that with the word “fesca” people immediately recall Turkey, although even the name of this headdress directly indicates its Arabic origin, associated with the Moroccan city of Fes. The usual form of the fez is a truncated cone made of wool or red felt, decorated with a black tassel. Fezzes are red because they were usually dyed with the juice of a red berry that grows around Fez. This headdress has always been the property of the men of the ruling classes. There was once a saying that if a woman puts on a fez, the world will end.


The city of Essaouira with a population of 70 thousand people is located 442 km from Rabat, 176 km from Marrakech, and 351 km south of Casablanca. This is one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco.

Essaouira is a magnificent Mediterranean resort, reminiscent of those in Spain, with a unique oriental flavor and a rich historical past.
Essaouira is music that sounds from everywhere, the aroma of fried fish, the hubbub of seagulls. These are narrow streets with white houses and blue shutters, camels wandering along the ocean against the backdrop of a sunset of extraordinary beauty. In Essaouira, you can feel the true atmosphere of freedom, romance, relaxedness and comfort, many artists live here. No city in Morocco has so many art salons and art galleries.

Essaouira is a real paradise for photographers. A significant part of the property of the city was acquired by foreigners from America and Europeans, who once appreciated all the charm of this city and do not want to part with it for a long time. In summer, residents of many central regions of Morocco, especially Marrakesh, come here to escape the heat. Windsurfers are especially pleased that strong winds blow from the Atlantic in Essaouira, as it is located on a cape. On the local coast, the highest waves and a light constant breeze. For swimmers, these places are inconvenient because swimming turns into a real swing on the waves, the water temperature is low even in summer, and the breeze easily turns into sunburn.

In Essaouira, it is difficult to resist buying furniture made here from thuja and other precious woods, but it should be remembered that, in a climate different from the humid climate of Essaouira, these things can crack or warp.

Essaouira is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Marrakesh is an imperial city, the Berber capital of central Morocco with luxurious palaces and flowering gardens, oriental bazaars and beautiful mosques.

Bahia Palace with shady courtyards, fountains and orange trees, overshadows all other palaces of the kingdom with its beauty.

Also worthy of attention are the El Badi Palace, the Koutoubia Mosque, Jema al Fna Square, the Majorelle Garden.

Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains are a large mountain system in northwest Africa, stretching from the Atlantic coast of Morocco through Algeria to the coast of Tunisia.


Ouarzazate – African Hollywood – a city in the vicinity of which caravan routes once passed deep into the Black Continent. It is here that numerous mysterious medieval fortresses made of sand, clay and straw, called kasbahs, spread across the most bizarre landscapes. The famous Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou, for its inimitability, has long been chosen by world filmmakers and used as scenery when shooting the films “Gladiator”, “Prince of Persia. The Sands of Time”, “Lawrence of Arabia” and many others.

Ouarzazate Morocco