Diesel Returns to Brazil with the Opening of the Shopping Jk

According to a statement from the Shopping JK, the enterprise should usher on 20 June, but without a lot of noise, perhaps because the concern now is to recover the lost time with the engineering problems of traffic and which prevented his opening April. Between luxury shops and networks of fast fashion international, the Diesel is on the list of brands that are part of the mix of the shopping center.

Diesel Returns to Brazil with the Opening of the Shopping Jk

In international journals, oddly enough, the Diesel already reports, in advertisements, and your new address in the JK and the reopening of the flagshipstore in Haddock Lobo, in the national vehicles, however, no advertising was published.

But the intriguing question is: what changes in the sales policy of the store in this new phase? Perhaps the most important is the sale of cheaper models, because the prices practiced in the past made it more intelligent to acquire a model of the brand on a trip abroad. But, to be clear, this is just a speculation on my part, nothing of this kind has been reported.

When announced, is likely to see pieces from the collection autumn/winter 2011in macaws in brazil in the Diesel, which you can see in the photo gallery below:

Note: as Brazil has a delay of 6 months in relation to the countries of the northern hemisphere, the autumn winter collection 2012 which should reach the stores in europe a few months, quite possibly only contribute here in march 2013.