Dolores CortéS Interview

Dolores Cortés It has given us an interview to talk about his new collection Spring-summer 2011, requirements that we need when choosing a swimwear and the personal satisfaction of seeing as that designs, always there is someone who appreciates it.

Tell me… How did this fashion design? because you went to the doctor…Not only was, I am Dr. exercise until little more than one year ago. I had it almost in secret until I left the inquiry. I didn’t want to mix things. Even using different surname in each of my two professions so that I will not identify.
Fashion design has been something natural for me, I’ve been assimilating almost without realizing it. He thinks that very small grew up between bathing suits, fabrics and patterns. I’ve lived the evolution of swimwear in our country through the experience of my mother. She was the first who made an elastic swimsuit that fits to the body without deforming, through an innovative artisan technique then. I always worked while studying and while serving my profession. When she retired, I got over the company completely dedicated especially to the creative side.

What is it inspired to create his wonderful collections of bathroom?I don’t have a special source of inspiration. Every season there is something that attracts me especially. I am very much my intuitions and watch people.

Tell me a little bit of your ethnic collection spring-summer 2011, which we saw in the last edition of the Pasarela Cibeles. What was inspired, colors, fabrics, etc…DC catwalk collection, the theme is inspiring ethnic but projected towards the future, trying to prints with the latest digital technologies and forms strong, forceful, very special (second image). DC Beachwear collection is more sweet, almost naive, has a romantic point, sometimes vintage patterned positioned type tatoo and patch of very young atmosphere (flower bikini image).

“To create my collections much I follow my intuition and I see people”.

Does spring-summer 2011 show what your favorite design of all?You put me very difficult. He thinks that designs involve a process long, expensive and a significant burden of illusion… They are like my children. Each of them will like more than the others for a different reason. But if it is necessary to choose, I’ll take a bathing suit “word of honor” that joins the characteristic of very cleanly, graphics, colors and styling that perfectly sums up the idea collection etno-cyber. In addition it is very wearable (image below).

In terms of fashion accessories in bathroom looks, what you recommend? Because she also designs accessories.Design supplements because it is a way to complete a look. It is the way to complete your picture, not just the bath time, also for all accompanying at the time of leisure and vacation. As a recommendation, depends on the time and the place, but I think very comfortable and pleasant a complement that we call Jupe Magique, which can be used as a short dress or skirt long interchangeably.

To my I love a black bathing suit with a clean shape that feels divine, as”wardrobe”.

Tell me three essential requirements when it comes to choosing and buying a swimsuit.The fundamental requirement is that you feel well and you feel well. The rest of the requirements are a means to achieve the above: good pattern, that is which suits your physical (need to know to get out) and to choose a color you have to take into account the color of your skin and will vary throughout the summer.

What for you is a must, a must have in swimwear?To my I love a black bathing suit with a clean shape that feels divine, as”wardrobe”. If it is a very young girl, you would replace it with a bikini. You can then add other models of different designs to go changing your image.

Swimsuit, bikini or one-piece swimwear?Why choose? A girl does not always go with skirt or pants always. You can you have and use, depending on the moment, any of the three. In addition to the qualities of the fabrics that we use, you hard enough so to live all together.

Who would like to see a day with his design?When I see on the beach any girl with a bathing-suit me, I get excited. I recognize them always, even of other years. I don’t care who it is, what I like is to see that that person is happy with what I have created. That a famous person carrying it is important because it involves a promotion for you, but internal satisfaction of seeing what you’ve done there is someone who appreciates it, is the best.

I guess that you will be working on the collection summer 2012, if so can advance me something of what we see?It is a little early. It is still all in mantillas… Please, leave me a little more time. In a couple of months already tell you things.

Fernanda Prada is the new image of its collection for this season, you have had something to do in your choice?I had to do… but less. The proposal comes to my person that deals with our image. We appreciate it and I give the nod to start work. It’s a girl very pretty right? It has a special look.

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