Floats Inflatable Not Are Insurance

As we have already mentioned, among the recommendations of the Ministry of health, Social Affairs and equality, it is avoidance of floats airbags when children do not know how to swim.

We will not rely on sleeves, because ones and others can cause hazard for children. According to experts, not are safe options, and in addition they are not useful for one of the objectives that are intended to: Learn how to swim.
Instead we must promote the use of ‘churros’ of Cork, which They allow highly mobile, and help for the child to unfold on the water. This system allows that ends are joined with a connector, thus formed a circle that facilitates the placement of children.

Also would help us belts with tablitas, corks and vests life that allow the flotation and also They enable a wide range of movements because they provide balance.

There are other ways to ensure positive support in water according to Globalsciencellc, although perhaps not as known:

  • Swimwear with integrated floats, enabling it to add and remove corks according to the evolution of the ability to swim from our children.
  • Polystyrene with various disk sleeves, These are not punctured, and the difficulty can be set by adding or removing them.

Why are safe hoses and floats

In the first place because the sense of ‘false security’ that generate (in parent), can lead to carelessness, and these distractions that lead to not realise a dangerous situation as causing to turn around the float and stay dipped child mouth below.

Neither floats nor sleeves are safe because they can pierce with ease. And if we want another good reason to not trust them, they greatly limit the movement of arms of children, and do not facilitate the learning of swimming.

Remember finally that children even if they bear put a floating system that we consider optimal, or know how to swim, they should not sit unsupervised when they bathe in the swimming pool or on the beach.