Guess Spring-Summer What You’d Take to a Desert Island?

That nearly all the bells of Guess they have a high sexual or sensual connotation is nothing new. This is a good cause, and sell an attitude far beyond clothes because at the end and after a campaign is not just wanting to show a collection without more, because they are the ad for that.

Guess was founded in the 1980s by the Marciano brothers, Hence, one of the main lines of the brand is Guess by Marciano and although initially he specialized in jeans, today also brings us accessories such as watches, jewelry, hats… Its symbol is the interrogation, why have been exported since its inception.

The model Silviu Tolu appears for the fourth consecutive time in a Guess campaign and for the Spring/summer 2012 they dress up in an island with fantastic company of the American actress Amber Heard according to Let’s see, apart from Amber, what has decided Silviu be this deserted island.

Striped shirt

He has gotten into your suitcase a striped shirt because like every summer these again with great force. Yesterday I commented the proposal of Lee and today we see it in Guess. Regardless of where you can remember this print that combined with some basic jeans looks great right?. If the pants come coat, the sleeves of the jerseys were not going to be less and we have the example here.

T-shirts to shirts

Another of the garments you have chosen for your excursion to the island has been the shirt. If in t-shirts season requires us to use stripes, in shirts printed protagonist are pictures. Irregular, in different sizes and in a variety of colors that even Guess campaigns have us accustomed to white and black, the collection moves between striking tones.


We might think that on a deserted island this garment would not be very necessary but not all the time we will be in swimwear. The jeans of Gess characterized by washing with that look worn especially in the upper part. Very straight cuts and generally low sizes.


The Sun on a deserted island is important to keep in mind. As every season become the hats typical straw to help in that casual aspect that takes so much lately. On this occasion I really like how has been combined with the white shirt, model clear of how to dress in this spring-summer.


Finally, in our things that we should bring to a deserted island, we must not forget our sunglasses. Which brand they recommend are these dark crystals with a thick frame, an option that I really like. How about the collection? What you’d take to a desert island?