Interview with Nuria Sarda

Andres Sarda a futuristic, bold and female intimate fashion company he founded in 1962. His daughter, Nuria Sarda collects his legacy and is now the Creative Director of the firm of lingerie and luxurious, whose spectacular stagings do not leave anyone indifferent. After the parade in Madrid Fashion Week, talked with her about the collection autumn/winter 2014 / 2015, proposals for summer and ask some advice on swimwear.

Carpe Diem, his latest collection fall-winter 2014 / 2015 is based in Las Vegas, what a peculiar site as source of inspiration? Tell us about the collection.

We wanted to transmit the Carpe Diem spirit, lives the moment and enjoy life! Las Vegas is the perfect place to stage this sentiment. The collection is joyful, vital and colourful.

What his part preferred or star sign autumn/winter 2014 / 2015?

It is very difficult to choose just one according to Nonprofitdictionary. The new triangle bra with boxer high range of Myanmar or the bottom with large rear lacing from the same series, the retro body or the apron in mesh and lace bra top Tahiti series or the long Nightgown of the Gerais, Jaypur series…

Many of his creations are impossible to look you dare with them?

None is impossible to wear. Just choose the right time. They are also very comfortable. Naturally I dare with them!

What special intimate garment should every woman have in her wardrobe?

I think that a set in Black Lace, a bra can not miss strapless color nude, a triangular, and a bra with cups. Colors and cuts that combine with our way of being and the clothes that you have. An invisible thong, a pretty lace, an adequate assortment of garments where we can choose according to the occasion. From the most sophisticated and sexy, the most practical and invisible. In addition you can not miss a body and a lace top, a shirt in flocked tulle, several Nightgowns.

Can you say to those women who are not supporters of buy many intimate apparel because it is essential to go also beautiful on the inside?

I think you need to try the experience of going pretty on the inside, and experience as it makes us feel better. I always say that it is as perfume themselves, make up, or go to the hairdresser. It gives us a rush of moral, and that is transmitted. In addition, go well dressed inside practically makes us better feel the clothes we wear out, and us favors.

Tell me what a day his work either?

The good news is that it is highly variable and unpredictable. There are very normal days of product, office work, for study meetings… but you never know when the routine is going to break through an interview, a meeting, a request for collaboration that we love and gives us life. The preparation of fashion shows, photo shoots, collections in general are a few moments of stress and effort, but that compensate a lot then to see the results. The trips are an important part of our work and we love them. Sometimes we visit our customers, we exchanged opinions, we listen to your requests… Others will inspire us to interesting cities where we visited exhibitions, theatres, new stores… We must either attend the fairs of the sector, in Cannes and Paris. We are fortunate to work with the best European suppliers, developing new materials with them. This collaboration enriches us and makes us move all.

Its luxury pieces are absolutely wonderful in what is often to inspire?

Thank you! It depends, it is never anything concrete. The inspiration is usually the result of all the inputs we receive, and then, in one way or another, are reflected in the collection.

Did you clear from always he wanted to be a designer? Because before designing their duties within the company were other relatives.

I never thought to be Designer. I thought living in the countryside and be veterinary. I started in the export department opening market since 1990, and then in 1996 I joined the Department of creation.

What has he learned from his father?

All. It is the essence of this company: he created it, he thought of the model, what I wanted to convey and what kind of product I wanted to. What were your criteria and that personality should be.
We have tried to evolve in time, faithful to its philosophy. He has taught us all that it matters not only what you do but also how do you. Not to surrender us ever to be persevering and perfectionists. To never be happy and to seek excellence in everything we do.

On red carpets, many celebrities look special bodies reducers to make the dresses feel like a glove you are partisan of these pieces?

Completely. I think that all that help women to look and feel better is perfect.

At the end you have unified in one firm, before there was Andres Sarda and Sarda.

We only have the brand Andres Sarda because we decided that it was easier and more intelligible to all our customers, especially in the large export to unify under a single brand collections.


Summer comes, speak to us of his colorful collection spring-summer 2014. We see pictures vichy, polka dots, stripes, flowers… dip everything does?

In bathroom does all that make us see us better. It is very important to feel at ease. A very social time is in which we have very little clothing. We invest a lot of time and money to propose a model that encourages you to every woman. Each idea, we do a minimum of five bikinis and two bathing suits so each can choose the garment that most favors him. It is very important to invest the necessary time on the tester to make sure to choose the appropriate.

What is your style choice in bathroom?

For me, personally, bikinis and bathing suits with a very sharp line I like much shade or bandeau. I am more than smooth, but there are patterns that I can not resist. Always in favour of stripes.What is a must have in swimwear?

I think that it should be a good bikini for sunbathing, and this fantastic swimsuit that makes us feel good at times less bathroom, more social.

Swimsuit, bikini or one-piece swimwear?

Bikini for sunbathing, swimsuit for those most elegant moments and one-piece swimwear for special occasions.

Why the one piece still does not succeed?

I think it is a garment that is striking and not everyone that likes.

What do we have to take into account when buying a bathing suit?

That we feel at ease and with him. To be comfortable and since once, we can forget that I have it.

What characterizes a Andres Sarda design?

Its design, its quality and as well make us feel.