Lindsay Lohan Plays to Be Kate Moss at UXO: Nudity and Drugs

It is easy to fall as low as possible, especially if the career of one only sits in the image and in private life, but from there to star in publishers like this for the magazine Muse There is a passage and Lindsay Lohan seems to ignore it.

It reminds me to the precipitous fall in Mischa Barton suffered recently and that even you are attempting to recover. Today above the top and morning down entirely and trying to sell his body leaning on any Vice at the time related to Kate Moss, only the class of the British Lohan won’t never imitate her.

In the new editorial Muse, with cover included, American celebritie is put under the orders of the photographer Yu Tsai, known in the scene of the famous for his portraits and editorials.

We see a special based on the Vice, in the pure sex where there is no eroticism or anything, just something pointless and depressing, with Lindsay Lohan exploiting to the maximum your body and showing nude as soon as you can.

There are also situations that remind the drugs and turbid environments initially would be cool, when they are the opposite.

Lindsay Lohan which only can star in a “fashion editorial” is so finished (for me this is not so) with these tactics?

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