Mango Catalogue Collection Bath Summer

Is still a bit early to start thinking about the heat of the summer, the sea, and the bath linen, but for those that you may be forward-looking and want you to be aware, they are already in stores the first bikinis and bathing suits. And today I present the of Mango. Fashion bathroom trends are the least changed that there is, and with trot which gives these garments, with chlorine, salt, and washings, not worth spending large fortunes on them. Best many and different.

This summer 2010 the one-piece strikes again.

Is brand, but is much more selegante than the conventional bikini.

Although for chic of the swimsuit, which until recently was very’s grandmother, but that growing as it has become retro, is key. Also serving as a body, and the same is perfect for the pool, with a pair of jeans under.

Up to the parts above the bikinis give much play, combined with a few shorts, Bermuda shorts or skirt and camouflaged under a sea of maxi-necklaces, are perfect for a party in the open air.

If the top is type bandeau like this color Tangerine.

The animal print is a classic in swimwear.

Although I really is that I am less aggressive prints as moles.