Nyiregyhaza, Hungary

by | December 26, 2022

According to Clothesbliss, Nyiregyhaza is one of the most popular cities among tourists in Eastern Hungary. In terms of the wealth of historical heritage, he, of course, is not in the leading roles in the republic, but he takes an excellent location: Ukraine and Romania are only 50 km away. Travelers from these countries are the most frequent guests on the streets of Nyiregyháza, although the Hungarians themselves like to get out here for the weekend. Fortunately, in addition to the picturesque historical center, there are also natural attractions located on the outskirts, the main of which is the lake with thermal water Soshtogyfyurdo.

How to get to Nyiregyhaza

If you fly from Moscow or St. Petersburg, then it is best to pave the way through Budapest. Arriving from the airport. Franz Liszt to the Keleti or Nyugati station (by bus number 200E to the Kebanya-Kishpest metro station, and then to the Keleti payaudvar metro station on the red and green lines or Nyugati payaudvar on the blue line), you need to sit down on one of the many trains. Between Budapest and Nyiregyhaza – 4 hours drive. More details – at website (in English) of the Hungarian Railways.

You can also use the bus, but it only runs twice a day. The schedule is at carrier website. Departure from the railway station “Kelenfold” (metro station “Bikas Park” on the green line).


Public transport in Nyiregyhaza is represented by buses, most of whose routes pass through the railway station. This is very convenient, as many attractions are far from the center. You can leave your car in paid parking – its zone occupies only a couple of blocks. The historic center is easy to get around on foot or by bike rented at the hotel. As elsewhere in Hungary, Nyiregyhaza has an inexpensive taxi. It is better to call the car by phone or through the application – the cost of the trip will be lower.

Nyiregyhaza Hotels

The city is full of hotels, so there will be no problems with accommodation even on weekends. Most of the options are “starless”, but very comfortable guesthouses with standard double and family rooms for 7300-13,000 HUF per night (without breakfast). Slightly more expensive three-star hotels: about 10 100-13000 HUF per night (with breakfast). 4 * hotels offer a double room for 24100-30 600 HUF (breakfast included). There are no hostels.

Families and companies often choose apartments: a fully equipped apartment for a day in the city center for 4-5 people costs 17,600 HUF.

Cafes and restaurants

Nyiregyhaza is a major tourist center, which inevitably becomes the reason for the abundance of establishments with national cuisine. The prices are traditionally low, and the portions are huge. Onion soup in bread, a meat plate with pork knuckle garnished with baked vegetables to the accompaniment of Tokay wine – all this pleasure costs only 8,000-10,000 HUF for two. A few restaurants are represented primarily by Italian cuisine establishments. A dinner of caprese salad, risotto al fungi and tiramisu will cost 5,000 HUF per person.

Fast food is represented by small and cozy cafes with craft beer and burgers for 1200-1500 HUF. There is a McDonald’s.

Attractions in Nyiregyhaza

Directly in the city of sights that you must see, not so much. Yes, there are beautiful old buildings, neat cobbled streets, tiled roofs. But all this is in most Hungarian cities, so after a cursory inspection of the historical center, tourists try to get out in the vicinity of Nyiregyhaza – this is where its treasures are hidden.

One of them is the ethno-village “Shoshto” (off.site in English). This open-air museum preserves the centuries-old traditions and customs of Hungarian rural life. Here, dwellings of people of various professions were built from scratch and transported from all over the country – millers, blacksmiths and even brewers. Various festivals and events on historical themes are regularly held in the ethno-village. You can get to Shoshto from the railway station by bus number 8.

The eponymous zoo with an oceanarium also operates here – one of the best in Hungary (official site of the zoo in English). It is located deep in an oak forest surrounded by natural, almost untouched nature.

On an area of ​​350 thousand square meters. m inhabited by animals from all continents: more than 5,000 specimens of 500 species, including white tiger, African elephant, Indian rhinoceros, Komodo dragon, polar bear, gorilla.

Hungarians joke that if you start drilling the earth anywhere in the country, after a while a fountain with thermal water will surely come out of it.

There is such a source in Nyiregyhaza. A large Aquarius spa complex was built around it, one of the most popular in the country (off. site in English). To feel the result of the therapeutic effect of local waters, doctors advise taking a 15-day course. But this takes time and money: a subscription for 15 visits costs 37,900 HUF (accommodation is paid extra). But once or twice everyone can plunge (for 3900 HUF).

Nyiregyhaza, Hungary