Original LML Chuck Baseball Cap

by | September 18, 2014

Original Chuck

Brand Facts:

  • The brand started as a vision, a voice, a feeling, and finally it’s perfection.
  • They draw inspirations from life, cooperate with experts, artists, and innovators, for their eternal pursuit of perfection.
  • They insist on simple philosophy value: Chunk for all;  All for Chunk.

Original LML Chuck Baseball Cap



Main Categories: 

Headwear, buckets, accessories


Time and place: 2010, US

Early products: headwear and accessories, lml baseball caps

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Headquarter Location

Los Angeles, California, US

Worldwide Locations: 

US, Canada

New Arrivals


Price Range:  

Baseball cap: USD6.75-USD29.95

Official Website:




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It is not always easy to choose the right one and when you succeed does not mean that we can wear the hat in style but with some changes nothing will be impossible. What really matters is to select the model that best fits your mood and during the warm season, a good alternative is certainly pick a straw accessories. Among the women’s hats for summer 2015sprouting many brimmed creations, including especially those of Tomas Maier, distinguished by contrasting black lines, those from Lanvin, completely white tints, patterns of Rosetta Getty and Rosie Assoulin, the favorite of the stars, but also the proposals of BCBGeneration, blakc, and River Island with bands of contrasting fabric.

There are certainly less bulky and retro proposals, including the panama hats loved by male audience, like those of Rag & Bone or proposals of Borsalino.

Very interesting the more feminine cloche, who this season Dolce & Gabbana collection very much characterize, which focuses on patterns and prints from gingham checks up to Sicilian lemons. How about to surprise everyone with a nice turban to achieve a look very chic? This season you can find crochet patterns and the multicolor Missoni Mare or even the most open-minded ladies of Moschino and shining with sequins by Saint Laurent. Finally, there is no lack of caps, decidedly sportier and loved by girls casual mood, and in this case you can not miss out on the latest New Era but even those Shourouk, embellished with colored gems, which you see, along with all the other summer hats 2015, flipping through images from our gallery.

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It’s possible? Yes, you can remedy all’antipatico anti-static effect and maybe some of you already know how to do. However, know that there are the wipes of easy availability that release of the product with heat.Usually they are used within the dryer just for the anti-static effect. What can we do? Buy a package, use one before exiting passing it inside the hat and always carry them on the stock exchange, as they become necessary.Well, this is a good solution to avoid this unpleasant effect and always have perfect hair , and on every occasion.


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Before putting on his hat, change the way of bringing the line by changing the direction of the hair. We better explain, if you bring the lateral line to the right, a moment before placing the accessory on his head, do it to the left (or vice versa). If you wear it in the middle, combed his hair back before putting the hat. The result? When you finally tear off the fly and risistemerete hairstyle, not only is this not be flattened, indeed even buy a bit ‘volume.


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