People Send Us Away with a Suitcase Loaded Good Clothing

I have not gone mad with the title, and it is that Free People He decided to create a comic book and sell it in installments, which I like. Do you remember when a couple of months ago I showed a lookbook with video included where Sheila Marquez is it was at full power? As well, the firm teaches us that it is not forever and gives us a new stage.

In it we see to a Group of friends that you are a discouraged Sheila for having broken up with her boyfriend. Where to go? What better way to Rio de Janeiro… Yes, the first thing I thought was: Petite girlfriends!

Obviously in the suitcase only carry Free People clothing, so Rory ranging from death with Beach looks, Bohemian, sexy and Super according to

The dress that alegre you heart

And if there is something that I love summer It is the look (previously toasted by the Sun) legs with sheer dresses, boho chic aires and others that are they conform more to the body.

If I were to choose a single model It would be difficult: for all occasions and all tastes. What to choose?

But always we We opted for a color to feel well at that time: the white, of course. Ibizan type, with applications or crochet, all are cool.

Less clothing and more bikinis

And Free People is also synonymous with swimwear with simple but different bikinis in shades of very flattering for the more eels: Peach.

Although the ethnic print He also has his moment of prominence (as well as the fringe).

And here the film where we see the outfits in action.

What do you think of this new tactic from the signature?