Please Count the Collection Summer Primark

If the other day did not have enough with the new collection for this summer 2014 of Primark, the British firm returns with more… Although high! For. Stop you. Not you too emotions that I’m going to show now just will sell at market UK. So if you sense that there is something that you can fall in love… stay away! And is that Collections between one country and another, they vary widely, and what is sold beyond is not the same that thing here. Now if you click, is your own responsibility (who warns is not treacherous).

It is to enter the store principal of London (Oxford St.) and my mind goes into a State of shock. And is that although you don’t always want to just find dozens of things I can’t put in the shopping cart. And no, not it is bought compulsive, because in the end everything I buy just me putting over and over again.

To the beach (or pool) without spending much

A good choice for go to the beach/pool handsome, Super and without much money is to go to your section of bath linen. They have both where choose that how difficult will not find a model that fits to your lifestyle, how difficult it will be to opt for one (or two).

And as the full-body swimwear each time are more successful, brand does not hesitate to continue designing bold models according to internetsailors.

Complementing your outfit

And as there is no two without three, your collection accessories It is really great, and one thinks, are why there will be nothing of? This in Spain? Why?

Overcome temptation, do it in love with you something?