Quick Facts About Armenia

by | March 13, 2021

Armenia is roughly the size of the state of Brandenburg and has a good 3 million inhabitants. A third of them live in the capital Yerevan (also Yerevan or Yerevan).

As a country located in western Asia featured by COUNTRYAAH, Armenia is a land of mountains, around 90 percent of the country’s area is at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters. The largest lake in the country is impressive: Lake Sevan has a total area of ​​around 1,000 km². This makes it almost twice the size of Lake Constance. The vast mountain landscapes, the history of the Silk Road, the long Christian past with one of the oldest national churches in the world – all of this fascinates visitors to the country. The monastery of Khor Virap is particularly impressive, from which one can best see the sacred mountain of the Armenians, the Ararat.

In the former Soviet republic, after the peaceful “Velvet Revolution”, a noticeable departure is taking place. Armenia is a changing country. The economy is stimulated, foreign relations are strengthened, tourism is growing. A country with great warmth and hospitality, with good food and an optimistic future is waiting to be discovered.

Map of Armenia

Entry requirements
For entry into the country, German citizens need a passport with sufficient validity (five months beyond the date of departure); entry with an identity card is not possible. A visa for Armenia is not required.
Other nationals please inquire at the embassy concerned. Children need their own identification document, entry in their parents’ passport is no longer accepted.

In Armenia, payments are made in Armenian Dram (AMD).
The euro and other foreign currencies are not accepted. ATMs are common in Yerevan. To be able to withdraw money, you need a credit card or an EC card with the “Maestro” symbol. Outside of the capital, ATMs are rather few and far between, so it is advisable to always have enough cash with you. Even international credit cards are often only accepted in upscale shops, restaurants and hotels.

Time zone
CET + 2 hours (summer)
CET + 3 hours (winter)

Due to the topography of the country, the climatic zones are quite different depending on the region. While the lower areas enjoy a temperate continental climate with warm summers and cold winters, it is on average a bit cooler high up in the mountains. In the south, where Armenia borders Iran, the climate is drier and subtropical.

The official language in Armenia is Armenian. Most Armenians also have a command of Russian, as it is a compulsory subject in school. English is spoken and understood more and more, especially in the tourist sector.

Telephone / Internet
The international dialing code in Armenia is +374 according to ALLCITYCODES.
Cell phone reception is usually good. The roaming functionality should be requested from your own network operator and activated if necessary. Some hotels offer their guests Wi-Fi.

Electricity & mains voltage
The voltage is 230 volts at 50 Hz, so that all devices can be used without problems. In Armenia, two-pin type C and type F plugs are used, so you do not need an adapter. Emergency

Telephone numbers
General emergency number: 911

Arriving by plane
Armenia has two international airports, the most important of which is Zvartnots Airport (EVN), approx. 11 km from Yerevan. Flights from Germany to Yerevan are offered by LOT (via Warsaw), Ukraine Airlines (via Kiev) or Aeroflot (via Moscow), among others.

Best travel time
For Armenia, the most pleasant travel time is between April and June and between September and October, as the months of July and August are usually associated with great heat. The sun exposure in Armenia can be very intense, so think of sun protection! Since the Armenians are a rather conservative people, one should choose rather discreet and not too revealing clothing.

Health Health

care in Armenia is not comparable to the European standard. There are pharmacies and doctors in the larger towns. Some pharmacies are open around the clock.
Travelers who are dependent on medication should stock up on essentials in advance, as not all medication is always in stock. It is strongly recommended that you take out foreign health insurance when traveling to Armenia. Even if, according to the Foreign Office, no compulsory vaccinations are required for entering Armenia, you should seek advice from a doctor before traveling. Public

Holidays and memorial
days In addition to New Year and Christian holidays with changing dates such as Easter, the following public holidays apply:
January 6th – Christmas
May 28th – Republic Day
September 21st – Independence Day

Embassies & Consulates General

German Representation
Charentsstr. 29
0025 Yerevan
Tel .: +374 10 52 32 79

Austrian representation
Armenia Sayat Nova 29
0001 Yerevan
Tel .: +374 10 547 547

Swiss representation
Melik-Adamyan Street 2/1
0010 Yerevan
Tel .: +374 10 52 98 60

Flag of Armenia