BP Quiksilver Baseball Cap

by | September 30, 2014


Brand Facts: 

  • BP Quiksilver is one of the largest manufacturers of surf wear and board sports equipments in the world.
  • Their products are merged with functions, soft texture, and stylish design which form a unique style of fashion.
  • They are devoted to leading the trend of fashion and improving the quality of lives.

BP Quiksilver Baseball Cap



Main Categories: 

Snow shop, surf shop, clothing, boardshorts, shoes, accessories


Time and place: 1969, Australia

Founder: Alan Green, John Law

Headquarter Location: 

Huntington Beach, California, US

Worldwide Locations: 

US, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Polynesia, Guam, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela

New Arrivals: 


Price Range: 

Baseball cap: USD12-USD27

Official Website: 



Baseball Prospectus or BP:


The French beret is one of the must have accessories of this cold season
And if we were to learn a few things from our French cousins in terms of fashion? If you ever happened to Paris or if you’ve seen photos and films set in the Ville Lumière, surely you have noticed that Parisian women are lovely, ladylike and quite different from ours.Even their dress casual, but they always have some detail more chic than rock that makes them delicious.

One of the Accessories that always makes them beautiful and especially interesting is theFrench beret, also called more simply Basque. For sure in the popular imagination I associate with Bonnie of Bonnie and Clyde starring Faye Dunaway. Anyway, we happened to see him even on some models in the last fashion show, as in the case of Gucci, which offered several versions of this complement of style.

The original beret

What we call French Cap is usually known as Basque and unlike the usual hats doesn’t have flaps and even the visor. Is made of felt and has military origins. Obviously, it has been completely stripped of all its authority and became a more frivolous and fashion accessory. Unlike the one worn by the military, creations for civilians include a little rise of tissue at the center of the hat.

How to wear the beret

Just like all the other hats, Basque va coordinated to your look. Obviously you don’t need to dress like the French, because this accessory also goes well in a simple white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Wanting to follow the latest fashion trends for autumn/winter 2016-2017, we may suggest that you coordinate the score in a velvet dress, another must-have modern, or maybe a wool sweater that overlooks a colourful pleated skirt.

French caps styles

The French caps, or Basques, are not unusual and quirky details. Even Gucci, after having conquered with a series of models in style nautical and raffia last summer, is now back to produce them in wool and solid color. The same goes for other brands like Asos, which in addition to opt for the single color variants, has also developed a series of creations cutting-edge, decorated with patches, embroidery and contrasting colorful details.

Considerations on Basque

French CAP is definitely a hat was hot and delicious. As you have got to understand, it is made of wool, felt or anyway, so if you are fan of hats above all to protect your head, then you will find in this model a valuable ally of trend for fall/winter 2016-2017. Also, unlike brimmed models, this does not affect the view, and is also less cumbersome. Seeing is believing.

And what do you think of the trend of French beret? You already have someone on hand, you succumb to this complement or let go in favor of other proposals best suited for your style?

Ceremony in sight? Are you looking for a sophisticated look but at the same time stylish?

Bet on a lovely hat and you will be invited the most glamorous of the ceremony!

Once a status symbol , synonymous with personality without distinction of class and age: the hat, if chosen with taste, it is the ideal accessory for those who want to complete their wedding look with a touch of elegance and originality!

As we teach the British nobility, the ceremonial hats there is something for all tastes: from the delightful cloche ’20s to the wide-brimmed hat adorned with ribbons and bows. Lately, also, we are witnessing a return to the sixties style, with the use of materials such as tulle, chiffon and organza and pastel colors.

But be careful not to overdo it! The watchword is “measure” better to avoid too many bright colors, bizarre shapes or overly showy decorations which might only weigh everything and make us look ridiculous.

With the hat must absolutely “feel” beautiful, charming, elegant. If you plan to be clumsy or awkward it is better not wear it!

Tip of a hat representing yourself and that will best suit your outfit , but avoids choose the same color of the dress if you do not want to incur in effect divided!

If the occasion when you want to wear the hat is a wedding, the rules are even stricter: the invited to the wedding to wear the hat must first ensure that it is also worn by the mother of the bride!

Remember, no hat in a late afternoon ceremony that lasts until the evening. If the ceremony to which then the hat you attend will take place in the morning can really give you that chic touch more!

Now we have to prepare yourself for your event en chapeau … Follow our tips and success is guaranteed!