Shopping and Eating in Brussels, Belgium

by | April 5, 2022

Restaurants in Brussels
Belgian cuisine is world renowned, as is its fine dining, with the largest concentration of Michelin-starred gourmet restaurants. The capital of Belgium is no exception and invites guests to enjoy excellent delicacies of national and international cuisine.
Sea Grill is one of the best restaurants in Brussels, awarded with two Michelin stars, located on the first floor of the Raddison Hotel. The restaurant offers gastronomic masterpieces from Chef Yves Matagnier, as well as excellent wines from its own wine cellar, the restaurant also has a lobster bar and a cigar room “Walk-In Cigar Humidor”.
Amadeus (Rue Veydt 13)is a Michelin-starred restaurant that offers Belgian cuisine delicacies in a refined aristocratic atmosphere.
La Maison du Cygne is a luxurious restaurant located in the heart of the Grand Place. The chic atmosphere of the restaurant also corresponds to the royal cuisine, representing Belgian and French dishes, including: oysters in champagne, lobster stew or veal with wild mushrooms.
Aux Armes de Bruxelles (Rue des Bouchers 13) is a Belgian restaurant famous for its dishes since 1921.
Comme Chez Soi (Place Rouppe 23) is a restaurant serving haute cuisine from lobster with truffles to roast lamb. Fine wines serve as fine additions.
Bruneau (Avenue Broustin)– This restaurant offers traditional dishes made with the finest ingredients from all over the world, such as truffles from Piedmont or caviar from Iran.
De l’Ogenblik (Galerie des Princes 1) is a fine French bistro-style restaurant with an equally fine French menu.
Dinner in the Sky is one of the most unusual restaurants in the world. The restaurant is a platform located at a height of 50 m. Excellent cuisine combined with a breathtaking view of Brussels.

Nightclubs and bars
Evening and nightlife of the Belgian capital is not inferior to European cities, here are just some of the trendy establishments in Brussels:
Sparrow (rue Duquesnoy 18) – a chic nightclub known throughout Belgium. Here guests will find music of different directions, including salsa and soul, as well as great drinks.
Celtica (Rue du Marche aux Poulets 55) is a popular nightclub in Brussels, open seven days a week. The rich entertainment program of the club also includes live music concerts and sports broadcasts.
Dirty Dancing (Chhaussée de Louvain 38) is an incendiary disco with an excellent dance floor and bar.
Nostalgia( rue de la Fourche 49)– the institution fully corresponds to its name – this nightclub and disco is decorated in the style of the 1960-80s and presents musical hits of the same years.
La Démence (Rue Blaes 208) is a nightclub for techno lovers. Cozy atmosphere and amazing drinks.
Le Mirano (Chaussée de Louvain 38) is the biggest and one of the most glamorous clubs in Brussels. In addition to well-chosen music and first-class drinks, theme parties and fashion shows are regularly held here.
Le Sud (rue de l’Ecuyer 43-45) is one of the best nightclubs in the Belgian capital, offering music for every taste. The club consists of three parts: in the main hall – rock and roll, modern popular music – on a small dance floor, and the rhythms of the 70s and 80s in the basement.
Jeux d’Hiver (Chemin du Croquet 1) is a small but prestigious nightclub with a refined atmosphere, equally refined music and exclusive drinks. For example, the signature Flower Cocktail offered here has an unusually fresh and long-lasting taste.

Shopping in Brussels
Like restaurants, shops in Brussels are of excellent quality and offer all kinds of goods:
Avenue Louise and Boulevard de Waterloo are shopping streets with fashionable boutiques of the world’s leading brands – Gianni Versace, Hugo Boss, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Christian Dior and many others.
Rue des Sablons – This historic square houses antique shops and galleries, as well as an antiques fair.
Inno (Rue Neuve) is the oldest Belgian department store, representing about 600 famous brands of clothing, cosmetics and accessories.
Galleries Royales St Hubertis a historic department store dating back to 1840. It is housed in a magnificent 19th-century Art Nouveau building. The store includes three parts: the Gallery for the King, the Gallery for the Queen and the Gallery for the Prince. In addition to chic shops, Galleries Royales St Hubert has fine restaurants, cafes, a theater and a cinema.
Manufacture Belge de Dent (Galerie de la Reine 6-8) is the flagship store of the famous Belgian lace. Here you can buy any lace products – tablecloths, blouses, napkins, bed linen.
Olivier Strelli (avenue Louise, 72) is a boutique of the famous Belgian designer who creates clothes for many celebrities, including the Rolling Stones.
Stijl (Antoine Dansaert, 74)– a boutique of leading Belgian designers – Martin Margiela, Xavier Delcour, Olivier Theyskens.
Leonidas (Blvd Adolphe Max 49-51) is one of the best confectionery shops in the city, selling the world-famous Belgian chocolate.

Eating in Brussels, Belgium