Some Tea Shall Shine More This Summer

That summer we are most beautiful It is indisputable. The skin, the hair, the eyes look different, but still there is always details that you can strengthen the good thing that brings us this season. Are you that take care of basic form or like to go a little further? Remember that they are sometimes minimal gestures that mark the difference.

You start by feet?

It is as easy as to remember to apply a little bit of oil or cream at the instep. Yes to a nice enamel, Add this touch on the skin before your footwear, you will get a spectacular result. Any sandal will acquire the value of the most desirable plug-in thanks to this small summer routine according to

The sun cream… with color

I confess that I have assumed for many years that the Sun should have face, if not white, with nothing flattering tone due to the protection. However the sunscreens with color they have evolved much in recent years that now let you look a uniform tone and really flattering While you can enjoy the largest protection and hydration. Some examples are the versions with color of Korres (Red Grape Tinted), Avene, Isdin (Fusion Fluid) or SkinCeuticals (Mineral Radiance UV Defense), all with SPF 50, things tone and really nice textures.

The lips and gloss

Do not make laziness, we sometimes give the sunscreen and forget the world, because it is time for beach and pool. Do you have proven to give a? light touch of gloss in your lips? It is a detail that makes a big difference, favors, and it will give you a much more careful look. If you want to apply a soft eyeliner or mask waterproof, You can try. Perhaps knowing that the Sun can be really pretty surprised some.

These small plug-ins

As I told you recently, I think there is nothing that is more ideal than a detail of jewellery or jewelry on the tanned skin. Do not hesitate to look small furnishing accessories. Surprised the result on the skin, brunette and hydrated, a bracelet, necklace or collar. Not only the Bikini or swimwear are the protagonists in the summer.

Small details in Silver, gold, leather, colored stones, they are excellent guns of beauty in the Sun. One of 50 It is a versatile to find all the possibilities and prices on really special pieces.

Every one knows it, so I imagine you’ll have your own resources at the time of be super. The good thing of summer It is that everything comes only, and that we are in danger of passing almost, almost of all. You can however discover that with minimum attention your charms… they invade!