Sovata, Romania

by | February 6, 2023

“We should improve our health” – with such a phrase, tourists begin communication with residents of the Romanian village of Sovata. Foreigners have high hopes for this balneological resort, because Sovata has really helped many people get rid of various diseases. Therefore, thousands of people come here to plunge into the pristine nature and feel its power.

In principle, Sovata is a large boarding house, which only lacks a daily routine. If the village had opening hours, no one would be surprised.

But in such a life there is a buzz: eat, drink, relax, dance, walk. Slowly and with the feeling that the whole life ahead. According to petwithsupplies, Sovata is one of the largest cities in Romania.

How to get there

Sovata is located in the Eastern Carpathians in Central Transylvania, in the Praid depression. The village is located at an altitude of almost 500 meters above sea level and is surrounded by large hills. Basically, people come here by private car. From the capital of Romania Bucharest – 350 kilometers. The nearest points are Shegeshvar and Maroshvasharkhei, they are located 60 km from the village.

You can also get there by train – from the Romanian town of Bacau, the transfer costs about 25-30 EUR one way.


Sovata is a variety of solar thermal lakes. They are called like this: Ursu, Alunish, Verde, Roshu, Mierley, Sherpilor. The most famous is Ursu, or, as the locals call it, the “Dead Sea of ​​Transylvania”. Ursu ​​means “bear” in translation. It is the largest solar thermal lake in Europe.

People go to Ursa for mineral water. Moreover, a layer of fresh water forms on the surface of the lake, which retains sunlight and heats the entire surface. The temperature of the lake is 20-24 degrees Celsius.

You can swim here only from the end of June to September. The fact is that at a depth of one and a half meters, when the water thoroughly takes heat, the temperature reaches 50 degrees. It’s very hot, you know.

Another effective lake in terms of treatment is Negru, or Black Lake. It contains many minerals and organic substances. On the banks of the Ursu and the Negru there are balneological clinics.

Treatment in Sovata

The health resorts of Sovata are equipped with modern equipment, which allows you to quickly restore strength and restore health. Here you will be offered warm baths, mud wraps, electro- and hydrotherapy sessions.

The climate of the resort is good for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, digestive system, gastrointestinal tract, getting rid of gynecological diseases. Also here will help people who have problems with the veins, the endocrine system.

In addition, Sovata is great for kids. You can also come here for prevention: relax with the whole family, gain strength and return to everyday work.

Sovata Hotels

There are several comfortable hotels on the territory of the resort. Tourists either choose them themselves, or already use them on a ready-made ticket. Hotels are located near lakes and hospitals so that vacationers do not bother with long walks from their rooms and back.

The average cost of living in a 3-star hotel ranges from 30-35 EUR per night. Luxury hotels rent rooms for 90-160 EUR. You can rent a large guest house for 7-10 people, then each night will cost only 20-30 EUR per person. At the same time, you will receive your villa with a fenced area where you can do whatever you want.

Ski resort Sovata

The village of Sovata is also known as a ski resort. Its tracks are located on the southwestern slope of Mount Gurgiu. Fans of flat skiing come here, the slopes here are simple, so extreme people yawn sadly.

Near Sovata, there are two complexes – both with trails a little over a kilometer long, ski lifts, rental of the necessary equipment and other necessary things.

3 things to do in Sovata

  1. Learn how to milk a cow – Sovata is known as a village with developed agro-tourism. Here you can learn various tricks of rural life. For example, they will show you how to take care of pigs, how to handle a cow, what time is best to collect chicken eggs. By the way, children are delighted with such fun.
  2. Taking salt baths is not even discussed. Visiting Sovata and not dipping into the salt is like not buying a gingerbread in Tula. Or leave Ivanovo without a bride. Or not go to Barcelona for football.
  3. Pray at a depth of 120 meters – the church is located at the depth of the Pride mine. Maybe it was placed there for impressionable people who even underground are looking for God’s providence.

Attractions and attractions of Sovata

The unique sights of the village are its climate and lakes. Actually, this is what tourists come here for. As for other funny moments, you need to go to the neighbors for impressions.

For example, the village of Korund is located nearby, famous for its wood sculptures and ceramics. And 10 kilometers from Sovat is a salt mine called “Pride”. It justifies its name and can really be proud of itself, because this mine is one of the largest in Europe. Even the inhabitants of the Roman Empire descended into it.

Today, the mine is a natural procedural one: people with diseases of the respiratory apparatus descend into it and breathe in what is here.

Sovata, Romania