Sun and Wine in Provence

by | April 6, 2021

Provence, located in the south of France, popular as a tourist destination, has its feet in the Mediterranean and head to the Alps. Between it are vineyards, lavender valleys, historic towns and beautiful villages. The trump card of Provence is the famous trio: herbs, sun and wines. In the lush valley of the Rhône River, vines, olive trees and fertile gardens resemble them. In the cities, on the other hand, you can enjoy good food and celebrate until sunrise.




Area between the mountains and the sea

Provence is a sunny region in southeastern France on the Mediterranean coast. In colloquial language, Provence often refers to the whole of the Provence-Alpes – Côte d’Azur region, whose most famous resorts are Nice, Marseille and Saint-Tropez.

Provence is suitable for both city holidaymakers and those who love the peace of the countryside. Nice International and lively Marseille are celebrated with local wines, and a few hours ’drive away you can enjoy a drink.

In a couple of hours you can also admire both the rugged scenery of the national parks on the slopes of the Alps and the splendor of the sparkling Mediterranean.

Summer in Provence

The pleasant Mediterranean climate can be enjoyed, especially in early summer and autumn, when the holidays are not disturbed by the heat of midsummer or the coolness of winter. Late spring is also a good time for wine tourism.

Practice and play in Provence

There are dozens of good quality golf courses in Provence, where tourists are also welcome to play for a fee. The area also has opportunities for water sports, tennis, hiking, sailing and horse riding.

There is also plenty to do for families with children. Provence includes, for example, water parks, amusement parks and animal parks. Of course, water enthusiasts also enjoy the beaches.



Flights to Provence

Several Finnish travel agencies sell trips to the Provence region. The most common destination is Nice, with easy access to nearby villages and towns. Nice Airport (Aéroport International Nice Côte d’Azur) is located less than ten kilometers from the center of Nice.

Marseille also has an international airport, which can be reached from Finland, for example on Finnair flights, by changing planes in Paris. From summer 2011, Blue1 will also have direct flights to Marseilles.

Accommodation for many tastes

Provence has a wide range of accommodation options. There is a good selection of hotels and hostels in big cities, of course beach hotels in beach resorts. You can also choose a campsite or original rural accommodation as a place to stay. In this area, renting a villa or villa as a base for a holiday is also popular.

Getting around Provence

Renting a car is a great way to explore Provence and its beautiful landscapes and adorable villages. The freedom of your own car to stop to admire the scenery and visit places of interest becomes necessary in charming Provence. During the late summer holiday months, roads may be congested like resorts, but otherwise driving on well-maintained roads is easy.

Public transport in Provence is efficient and affordable. The most convenient and fastest means of transport between the coastal towns is the train, the bus also takes you out of reach of the track. Taxis, on the other hand, are quite expensive in the area.



The beach towns of Nice and Marseille

Not everyone reads the French Riviera to Provence, but its most important city, Nice, is a meaningful place to visit in the southeast of France anyway. Close to the Italian border, Nice is a city of encounters in many ways: It is where France and Italy, history and modernity, mountains and the sea meet. Nice is a very lively and international holiday destination with plenty to do and see for days.

The second major coastal city in the region, Marseille, is, according to some figures, the oldest city in France. Despite its old age, Marseille has by no means languished, but the city built around the old port is a vibrant and diverse metropolis. In addition to the harbor, there has been a colorful bazaar in the bustling market town for hundreds of years.

Inland pearls

The interior of Provence charms with its beauty. There you can visit the lavish palace of the papal city of Avignon, inspired like Vincent van Gogh in Arles and stroll through the medieval alleys of Aix en Provence.

In the north, the snow-capped Alps invite you to hike. Leaner than the steepest rising mountain of La Meije are the lavender valleys, which shine blue in summer. There are also many natural parks worth visiting in the area, not to mention the vineyards of the fertile valley of the Rhône River.