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Estonia in the 1940’s

Since July 22, 1940 it constitutes one of the 16 republics of the USSR with a slightly smaller extension than that of 1939, since it had to cede (January 1945) to the Russian federal republic a part of the Petseri district (1350 sq. Km. And 50,000 residents). Estonia now extends over 46,200 sq km. and… Read more »

Tallinn Travel Guide

Historic Tallinn is a popular destination favored by Finns. A holiday in Tallinn is spent quickly shopping, relaxing in the spas and exploring the historical quarters. Tallinn is a short-distance travel destination loved by Finns, which pampers, offers experiences and is also a great destination for active travel. The affordable price level also attracts tourists… Read more »

Estonia for Nature Lovers

As a country starting with E by COUNTRYAAH, Estonia is just as big as Lower Saxony, but the wealth of different landscapes and the variety of interesting cities and places worth seeing is almost unbelievable. As diverse as the travel destination Estonia is, so are the interests addressed by the small Baltic state. The expectations… Read more »