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How to Get to Florence, Italy

If Florence is the main or only destination in Italy, then it makes sense to fly directly by plane. “Direct” is, of course, very conditional, there are no direct flights from Russia to Florence, you still have to make a transfer in one of the European cities. Airport them. Amerigo Vespucci is located 5 km… Read more »

Syracuse, Italy

Syracuse is a unique city, a museum city under the transparent Sicilian sky, a city of legend, a city of myth. According to legend, the city was founded by the Corfinians on the east coast of Sicily in about 735. BC e. The name of the city comes from the word “sirac”, which in the… Read more »

List of Ministries in Italy from 11 March 1978

– (36th: 11 March 1978 – 20 March 1979); President, Giulio Andreotti; Without portfolio, Luigi Ciriaco De Mita (Extraordinary interventions in the South); Foreign, Arnaldo Forlani; Interni, Francesco Cossiga (since 13 June 1978, Virginio Rognoni); Grace and Justice, Francesco Paolo Bonifacio; Budget and Economic Planning (and Regions), Tommaso Morlino; Finance, Franco Maria Malfatti; Treasure, Filippo Maria Pandolfi; Defense, Attilio Ruffini; Public Education, Mario Pedini; Public Works, Gaetano Stammati; Agriculture… Read more »

Dining Guide – Outside Palermo

Monreale With the sightseeing bus you can get to the suburb of Monreale, which is located approx. 10 km from the center. Here you will find the most beautiful church, Santa Maria la Nuova. From the outside, it is not so remarkable – apart from an apse with some beautiful Gothic arches. But inside, the… Read more »

Casa Migliaca, Sicily, Italy

Casa Migliaca is located 7 km from the north coast of Sicily, midway between Messina and Palermo, not far from Cefalù. The place has always belonged to the Allegra family, Signora Teresa’s family who lived in the nearby town of Mistretta. Thanks to the mild climate and the light breezes, the owners have always regarded… Read more »

History of Sicily Part II

In 395, the Roman Empire was divided into the Western Roman Empire, which had Rome as its capital, and the Eastern Roman Empire, where the capital was Byzantium. Vandals finally became the Western Roman Empire. The Vandals were a Germanic tribe that emigrated around the year 100 from the area that is today Poland. They… Read more »

History of Sicily Part I

For those interested in history, Sicily is a must with a background completely different from the rest of Italy. Some turbulent millennia have left their mark in the form of numerous notable buildings scattered scattered across the island. The Greeks found Sicily early on, as evidenced by the breathtaking temples and theaters – some of… Read more »