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Emigration to Japan

Area: 377,835 km² Residents: 126,045,000 (2017) Population density: 333.6 E / km² Form of Government: Parliamentary hereditary monarchy System of Government: Parliamentary democracy Neighboring countries: none (island) Capital: Tokyo National language: Japanese Religions: over 80% Shinto and Buddhists at the same time, 0.17% Jehovah’s Witnesses Currency: Yen (JPY) 1 Yen = 100 Sen Exchange rates: 1 EUR = 127.75 JPY 100 JPY = 0.78 EUR… Read more »

Trips To Japan

Why travel to Japan? According to COUNTRYAAH, Japan is one of the most fascinating destinations in all of Asia. In the land of the rising sun, you will find major attractions on the continent, monasteries and shrines, breathtakingly beautiful gardens and varied natural landscapes, hypermodern high technology and delicious gastronomic experiences. Japan is in many… Read more »