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Independent Mexico Part 2

Rising up in arms against President Lerdo, brought back to the presidency after an election that the president of the Supreme Court accused of fraudulent, P. Díaz, who had already rebelled against Juárez for his repeated presidencies, was regularly elected president in the elections of the 1877, made on a platform of opposition to the… Read more »

Independent Mexico

The Itúrbide in 1822 convened a congress and in this, taking advantage of the struggle between monarchists (exponents of the great property and the high clergy) and liberals, these in turn divided between Scots (aristocrats and clericals) and Yorkinos(democratic republicans and federalists, relying above all on the mestizo mass), he was nominated by the monarchists… Read more »

Mexico Small Group Tour

There’s no question that Mexico has a lot more to offer travelers than just tacos and tequila. You will also be amazed by the music, history and people here. Cities, beaches, jungles and, last but not least, the tasty mole sauce await you on this 14-day adventure tour. Relax on the beach, discover Mayan ruins… Read more »