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May Day Square, Russia

In the southwestern part of the Kremlin, just behind the Spassky Gates, stands the Transfiguration Monastery.. The monastery was founded in the 16th century and was immediately surrounded by a stone fence, that is, it was isolated from the city and lived according to its own laws. To this day, only the basement floor of… Read more »

Sightseeing in Russia

Above all, this country awaits you with cultural sights. Experience centuries-old art and culture in the “Venice of the North”, St. Petersburg, and don’t miss the luxury metropolis Moscow. On a city tour through St. Petersburg you will discover the majestic palaces along the canals and the famous Hermitage Museum. A little outside the city… Read more »

Russia Religion

The constitution (Article 28) guarantees freedom of religion, follows the principle of the separation of state and religion and expressly excludes the establishment of a state religion (Article 14). The religious communities are subject to state registration at the federal and local levels. The legal basis of the state’s religious policy is the Law of… Read more »