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Uzbekistan Population and History

  HUMAN AND ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY According to Cached Health, Uzbekistan is an internal state of central-western Asia. Population growth (19,810,077 residents at the last census dating back to 1989, 27,307,000 residents to a 2006 estimate) has slowed down (2.3 % in the period 1990-1998 and 1.5 % in the 2000 period -2005), but still remainsā€¦ Read more »

Attractions in Khiva, Uzbekistan

Khiva, Uzbekistan: UNESCO World Heritage Site The monuments of the Uzbek city of Khiva date from the 19th century and are still in an exceptionally good condition today. The old town, which is almost entirely protected by a wall, looks like a large open-air museum. The historical center of Khiva is a UNESCO World Heritageā€¦ Read more »