Tallinn Travel Guide

by | March 30, 2021

Historic Tallinn is a popular destination favored by Finns. A holiday in Tallinn is spent quickly shopping, relaxing in the spas and exploring the historical quarters. Tallinn is a short-distance travel destination loved by Finns, which pampers, offers experiences and is also a great destination for active travel. The affordable price level also attracts tourists to Tallinn.


A favorite of Finns

The capital of Estonia , Tallinn, is located in the northern part of the country on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Tallinn is one of the absolute favorite destinations of Finns. Thousands of visitors from the other side of the Gulf of Finland visit the city every month.

Known for its affordable price level, Tallinn is suitable as a travel destination for shopping trips, cultural and city trips as well as spa holidays. By far the most famous attraction in Tallinn is the historic Old Town, but the city has plenty of interesting museums and other attractions worth visiting .

The city’s beautiful parks and nearby beaches are also good destinations.

Tallinn’s most famous attraction is its Old Town.

The climate is not much different from Finland

The weather in Tallinn is not much different from the weather in Helsinki . Tallinn has a temperate climate: summers are warm and winters are mild. The warmest month of the year is July, when the average daily temperatures hurt to just over twenty degrees.

The coldest month is February, when the average temperature drops to about ten degrees below zero. Autumn in Tallinn is often long and rainy, spring light and cool.

Trips are made to Tallinn all year round, but the actual high season is summer. Also in December, Tallinn’s Christmas markets and Christmas travel packages are popular.

The affordable price level attracts a shopping trip

Finns travel to the Estonian capital primarily for city holidays.

In Tallinn’s shopping world, everything is concentrated in a relatively small area, so running on shopping tours is easy. Opening hours are also consumer-friendly, as most of the shops and department stores around the city center are open every day. You can pay for your purchases almost anywhere with the most common credit cards.

You can make real discoveries in Tallinn. The best places to shop for clothes, shoes and cosmetics are the stylish specialty shops on Viru and Müürivahe streets in Tallinn’s Old Town.

In recent years, large shopping centers have been built all over Tallinn. In the city center, you can shop in the Rotermann quarter or Stockmann, for example. Large shopping malls occupied by popular chain stores are also located far outside the city center. Some hotels offer free transfers to the Rocca al Mare shopping center, for example, but further afield is also accessible by public transport.

Lively nightlife

Tallinn is known for its lively nightlife. In Tallinn you can spend the evening in restaurants, bars and pubs, which can be found both in the modern blocks of the city and in the Old Town.

Live music is often available at Tallinn’s nightclubs, especially on weekends. The city’s numerous nightclubs are open until late at night – the most recent closing their doors at six in the morning.

An evening in Tallinn can also be arranged in the wine bar or in the cigar room. The wine bars are sophisticated and suitable places to taste wine, where you can also buy drinks. In Tallinn’s cigar rooms, you can make quality cigars and buy tobacco products as gifts.

Good food at an affordable price

For many Finnish tourists, delicacy is enough reason to travel to Tallinn – the restaurant offer is plentiful and the price level is reasonable. Most of the restaurants can be found in the tourist quarters of the old town, but in recent years the wooden house area Kalamaja has emerged as an interesting option for the gourmet.

Located on the other side of the train track, Kalamaja is a bohemian area with many rising restaurants . Compared to the Old Town, the price level is low. There are also many cozy cafés and delicatessens in Tallinn.

Until 2015, Estonia has listed the 50 best restaurants in the country, among which there are many tips for Tallinn. Check out the Top 50 list here . Since 2016, the listing has been implemented in a new way.

Security and customs

Tallinn is quite a safe travel destination. The biggest threat to tourists is pickpockets, and it is good to take out travel insurance for a trip to Tallinn . Credit card scams have also become more common in Tallinn, so you should be careful with card payments, especially at nightclubs.

The tourist speaks English in Tallinn. Many locals accustomed to tourists also speak Finnish, but the younger generation in particular prefers to speak English.


Tallinn's most famous attraction is its Old Town

The Tallinn TV Tower is a landmark from which the city is known.

The best experiences in Tallinn

  1. Dive into the atmosphere of a bygone era in the old town.
  2. Climb to the top of the Tallinn TV tower to admire the scenery.
  3. Delight in the restaurants of Kalamaja.
  4. Deviate from the Airport Museum.
  5. Enjoy affordable pampering treatments at the spa.

The best sights of the old town

  1. Town Hall Square
  2. Monastery of St. Catherine
  3. Catherine’s Corridor
  4. Tallinn City Museum
  5. Thick Daisy

The best destinations for families with children

  1. Airport Maritime Museum
  2. Nõmme Adventure Park
  3. Kalev Spa water park
  4. TV tower
  5. Miia-Milla-Manda Children’s Museum