Tanzania Landmarks

by | December 14, 2021

Serengeti National Park

It is an impressive spectacle to explore the Serengeti National Park with its various wild animals. This park is the oldest national park in Tanzania and it is a very special experience to watch the zebras and gazelles in huge herds during migration. But the Serengeti National Park is not only a worthwhile excursion destination during hiking time. The visit is also an exciting event outside of these hikes. Huge herds of buffalo, elephants, giraffes, antelopes and over 500 different species of birds have their habitat here.

Discover Tanzania and the Serengeti on study trips

What could be better than visiting this special region of Tanzania on study trips. The Serengeti National Park is around 330 kilometers from Arusha. It is served by both scheduled aircraft and charter airlines. It is a special spectacle when the sun-scorched earth turns into a blooming carpet of wildflowers during the rainy season.

Discover and be amazed

Every year around 90,000 visitors travel through Tanzania to the Serengeti National Park. The ruling ecosystem here is the oldest in the world. Neither the fauna nor the climate nor the vegetation have changed significantly over the millions of years. If you want to watch the herds migrate, you should travel to Tanzania from October to November. Then the herds move from north to south. The main rainy season falls between April and June. Then the herds of animals move north again.

Get to know the national park on safaris

Tanzania is not one of the African countries where there is a lot of tourism. But over the years the tourist infrastructure has improved significantly and safaris are taking place through the national park. This is probably the most exclusive event that can happen to you when traveling through Tanzania and its Serengeti National Park.

Stone Town

The island of Zanzibar is a real insider tip for holidaymakers from all over the world who are looking for a very special holiday destination. Anyone who is out and about in the island’s capital, Zanzibar City, should definitely take a look at the historic city center, the so-called “Stone Town”. The historic center of the city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000 due to its numerous buildings from the 19th century and the sights. The greatest son of Zanzibar City is the legendary Freddy Mercury. The former singer of the rock band Queen, who died of AIDS in 1991, lived in the city until he was eight years old.

Sights: Sultan’s Palace and Arab Fort

Real attractions keep popping up between the narrow streets of “Stone Town” – including the pompous palaces of the Sultan. The “Palace Museum” has been located in the so-called “Sultan’s Palace” since 1994 and attracts thousands of visitors every year. In addition to numerous valuable possessions and art treasures of the Sultan, there is a lot of exciting information about the history of “Stone Town”. The museum is open daily from 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Arab Fort, which is located right next to the large promenade of Stone Town, is also extremely worth seeing. Numerous large events take place in the impressive amphitheater today. Also worth seeing is the St. Joseph Cathedral, whose pink columns are visible from afar.

Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park includes Mount Meru, a prominent volcano at an altitude of 4566 meters in the Arusha region in northeastern Tanzania. The park is small but varied and offers holidaymakers spectacular landscapes. The shallow alkaline Momella Lakes in the northeast of the park have different algae colors and are known for their waders. The Arusha National Park lies on a 300 kilometer long axis of Africa’s most famous national parks, which extends from the Serengeti and Ngorongoro in the west to Kilimanjaro National Park in the east. The park, which opened in 1960, is just a few kilometers northeast of Arusha, although the main gate is 25 kilometers east of the city.

The Arusha National Park consists of several areas: the 4566 meter high Mount Meru, an extinct volcano, the Little Mount Meru, with a height of 3801 meters and the “Ash cone” (ash cone) as well as the Ngurdoto crater with its partly swampy – damp ground and the small Serengeti. Between the Ngurdoto crater and Mount Meru is the area of ​​the Momella Lakes, which is characterized by forest, grassy areas and swamps. The mountain slopes are covered with cloud forest and tropical rain forest.
Image: giraffes

Arusha National Park is rich in diversity of wildlife, but visitors shouldn’t expect the same game viewing experience that they find while safaris in other national parks of northern Tanzania. Despite the park’s small size, common animals include giraffes, Cape buffalo, zebras, warthogs, the black and white Colobus monkey, flamingos, elephants, lions, and many other African animals. Leopard populations are also present but rarely seen. The bird life in the forest is very fertile, many forest species can be seen better here than elsewhere on the tourist route.


Beyond Africa and exotically beautiful

For centuries, Zanzibar was something like the gateway to Africa. For researchers of the stature of the ingenious David Livingstone and also for a certain Sir Richard Burton who, while searching for the sources of the Nile, discovered Lake Tanganyika on the side and became infected with malaria on Zanzibar. This island off the east coast of Africa was the world center of spices for a long period of its history. But it was also the linchpin of the slave trade. But a change has long since taken place for Zanzibar, because the prices for carnations are minimal and since the decree of a sultan more than a hundred years ago, human trade was put to a stop. Zanzibar is now an exotic paradise for tourists from all over the world.

After a round trip and safari to the white beach

Much foreign capital has flown to the island of Out of Africa in the recent past. Politically, it is part of Tanzania and therefore provides the country’s vice president. But the economy in Zanzibar is only gradually getting on its feet. Fortunately for the residents, international tourism discovered this paradisiacal green island in the Indian Ocean. Many holidaymakers relax on the two dream islands from the exertions and experiences of their safari in the Serengeti. And they are enthusiastic about the snow-white beaches and the coral reefs off the coast.

Sights and activities

Corals and a “house of wonders”

There is a lot to discover on the main island of Zanzibar – Unguja. For example, when strolling through the historic Stone Town, where numerous buildings were built from the stones of the coral reefs and the so-called “House of Wonders” attracts visitors almost magically. Slaves were once housed on the prison island of Changuu. Today you get very close to the giant tortoises there. And if you are on the lookout for the best diving spots in Zanzibar, you should go to the northern tip of Nungwi. Water sports are celebrating their triumphs here and the beaches are also very popular. Another popular beach is Kendwa Beach.

Picturesque beaches and exotic markets at the best time to travel

The best travel time for Sanisbar is the dry season between June and October or January and February. Music lovers will love the Sauti za Busara Festiva in February.

Tanzania Landmarks