The Look Right: Blazer Salmon with Jeans Light Gray

The salmon is a color as a stir in men’s fashion as the pink, but deleted prejudice, it remains only a hue suitable for the summer, and the compositions are lighter with much cotton, and linen. In addition to this characteristic, we also found a piece singled out as one of the trends of jeans for the next few seasons the light grey (or light grey).See how it looks all together:

The Look Right Blazer Salmon with Jeans Light Gray

Why does it work?

The blazer salmon combines well with the bright days and sunny start to arise with the proximity of the summer for those hot days when it is still possible to launch hand of the piece, choose something in cotton as well lightweight or linen. Shirts chambré or cotton well clear, remembering jeans delavê, are neutral, but still retains a bit of contrast, making a good pair in the overlay. The jeans light gray is another that combines with the station and is well current, in addition to not draw a lot of attention, keeping the focus on the look of the top.For the feet we have a friendly loafer leather (probably suede or nubuck) that goes well with the bars bent and without socks, of course!

The accessories are very well chosen to give a up in production, especially the scarf and the combination of bracelets, not to spake of the clock is impressive, that is fundamental. The casual style of the belt combines very well with the footwear and helps to give the tone of the combo.

Try this…

A Panama hat to the days of intense sun and a leather pouch to load from a notebook to small useful objects.

It would not be the same thing if…

Swapped out the pants for jeans traditional, despite the prominence that the blazer would receive, we would not have a visual so clear.

In short:

  • Leave aside any prejudice and invest in the color salmon;
  • Jeans light grey can be a good choice for spring and summer;
  • Shirts chambré has the charm of the jeans, but they are cool and comfortable;
  • On hot days the loafer is perfect to be used with the bars folded;
  • A Panama can complement and protect from heat;
  • Jeans traditional dark would not have a result so nice in the summer.



Salmon-colored herringbone blazer

Salmon-colored herringbone blazer