The Most Extravagant Monkeys for These Christmas

If instead of experimenting with clothes, these Christmas you want to go completely crazy with the hair, in the January issue of the Japanese edition of Vogeu have the most bizarre repertoire in the form of editorial. Poles that move away from the simplicity and that rubbing the Carnival, impossible to take at any time of the year.

And oddly enough, by the ostentatious of his nature, I’m sure that more than one will be tempted to emulate the more tanned artist in this field: Lady Gaga.

The only one able to look a wonderful design by Valentino and accompany it with total normality of a quirky tie monkey. Its hallmark.

Or put a deer hit and not be fined for any Commission of common sense. But if I tell you the truth, Lady Gaga seems to me the most fascinating character of the year. To see if I dedicate one post any of these days defending his “not-mamarrachez”.

But the Poker Face singer is not the only celebrity that will inspire the most daring hairstyles this holiday season: Daphne Guinness, the billionaire who wears only Couture, is another which not falls short when it comes to be collected.

This option is only suitable for fans of the Gothic and the Monster family. Or for ladies like her who can put what gives them the win because they are worth it.

If you liked the volume of Jennifer López the other day, but you think too simple,

you are always on time exaggerate carding and add hair pieces…

But if what you want is to finish off a punk look and make it round: get a maxi-Pompadour ringlet and drop it on your forehead.

Leighton Meester He has put it into practice in one of their last concerts, and fits very pin-up with a punk twist.

Very theatrical and exaggerated, as everything that I have taught you in this post. But different, extreme and if one wants, completely viable.