The Most Useful Travel Apps at a Glance

by | May 11, 2021

The smartphone is our constant companion and proves to be a little helper in many situations – also when traveling, because thanks to the practical app you can make a lot of things easier on vacation. I’ll show you 10 useful travel apps that everyone should have!

Nowadays there are many useful travel apps that will make your trip easier. Instead of walking around with a thick travel guide, you can simply download all the sightseeing spots and maps onto your mobile phone and discover the city in a very convenient way. You don’t understand the menu in the restaurant? No problem, you can get help on your smartphone for that too! In this article, I’ll show you my favorite travel apps – they’ll make your vacation a lot easier!

Packpoint – The ultimate helper when packing

For everyone of you who goes through such packing lists in your head before going on vacation and then forgets half of them again, I have exactly the right app: PackPoint. PackPoint is the ideal helper when packing your suitcase. At the beginning you just have to quickly provide some information, whether you are male or female, where and for how long you want to go and what activities you are going to do. The app creates a clear packing list for you and even checks the weather on site. Your list tells you whether you should pack sandals or a jacket and umbrella. You can then edit and add to the list. The cool thing about the app: You can share your completed packing list with your fellow travelers via a link.

Yelp – Insider Tips and Hidden Hotspots

If you are traveling, you should definitely install Yelp on your phone, because this app is just awesome! Whether you are looking for a restaurant, want to have a few drinks or have to go to the dentist – Yelp will show you all kinds of local shops! The best thing about it: if you have a WiFi connection, the app even navigates you to the respective spots. There are also insider tips from locals – so you can discover a few interesting places away from the tourist attractions! With Yelp you are prepared for every city trip!

PartyWith – partying with locals

Are you in a strange city and want to know where to party best? Before you search forever for suitable locations on Google and read through reviews of the clubs, you can simply download the ingenious app PartyWith. This tells you where the best party hotspots are and helps you to find other party-mad people in the area. So you can spontaneously put together a real party crew and let it rip!

Uber – the cheap taxi alternative

Even if the Uber app is now banned in some cities, it can still be used freely in over 450 places around the world. If Uber is allowed in the city you’re traveling to, you should definitely get the app because it will save you a lot of money. Often times, a trip with the Uber costs only half as much as a taxi! In addition, the money is automatically debited to your credit card, so you don’t need any cash to pay.

Tripit – The travel planner

According to themakeupexplorer, Tripit is the perfect app for everyone who values ​​good organization. The app collects all your travel data and creates an overview including route instructions and flight times. All you have to do is transfer your travel details from the emails to the app. So you have everything at a glance and you don’t have to fight your way through the numerous booking confirmations every time.

MasterOrder – ordering made easy in the restaurant

MasterOrder - ordering made easy in the restaurant

Who doesn’t know that: you’re sitting in a restaurant on holiday and first of all you have to put every word on the menu into the Google translator. If you’re also unlucky that the waiters don’t speak English to translate the food, things get really tricky. But with MasterOrder such situations can be avoided. The app shows you all the typical dishes and reveals what is included in the dishes.

Spotted by Locals – Put an end to the tourist program

Similar to Yelp, the Spotted by Locals app also offers lots of great insider tips from locals. So if you’ve had enough of the typical tourist program, this app is just right for you! In a total of over 60 cities, the locals provide you with exciting insider tips that not everyone knows. Simply download the app for the respective city and let yourself be surprised. You pay € 3.99 for this, but you can also use the app in offline mode.

Google Translate – The lifesaver

Google Translate - The lifesaver

In order to overcome language barriers abroad, of course, you also need a good translator. If you don’t want to carry a dictionary with you all the time, you can simply download Google Translate. The app can translate over 100 languages ​​and even photographed street signs. So you can easily get by abroad and learn new vocabulary at the same time.

AroundMe – Find useful spots near you

Out and about in a strange city and urgently looking for a pharmacy, ATM, gas station or supermarket? Then AroundMe can help you quickly. In the app, you can easily choose from different categories and localities near you will be displayed. In this way you can quickly find the nearest café, restaurant or hotel and you will be guided there directly via the GPS function. This practical app belongs on every mobile phone!

Trivago app – search for hotels on the go

AroundMe - Find useful spots near you

Most of you are probably familiar with the Trivago website . The world’s largest online hotel search engine also has its own app for smartphones, which you can use very well on the go. As on the popular website, you can enter your destination here and receive numerous suggestions and recommendations directly. You can then compare the prices and ratings of the guests and book the hotel with the best price directly.