The North Face Baseball Cap

by | September 30, 2014

The North Face

Brand facts: 

  • The North Face implies “Unrivaled performance to explore the world and test the limits of human potential”, which is the mission of the brand and all climbers.
  • They are always devoted to create the best outdoor gears, apparel and accessories for inspiring people to explore the nature and the potential of human beings.



Main Categories: 

Outdoor gear, clothing, footwear, accessories


Time and place: 1966, San Francisco, US

Early products: ski and camping gear

Founder: Doug Tompkins, Susie Tompkins

Headquarter Location: 

Alameda, California, United States

Worldwide Locations: 

US, Canada, Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Mongolia, China, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Brazil, Chile

New Arrivals: 


Price Range: 

Baseball cap: USD15.99-USD50.4

Plus Size Cap

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