We Go on Vacation with David Gandy for Lucky Brand

After this somewhat unstable time of Easter, it seems that the Sun and good temperatures return to stay and we are already thinking about summer vacation. Beach, mojitos, fashion bath and colors and fun clothes are important part of this time.

We Go on Vacation with David Gandy for Lucky Brand 1

Hopefully we vacation with David Gandy or the beautiful Missy Rayder enjoying the streets and beaches of Puerto Rico with the collection for spring/summer 2012 of the Californian brand Lucky Brand Jeans according to VintageMatters.Net.

For those who do not know the brand, it is the typical American store that has managed to sell in all continents. It has 150 stores in United States and Puerto Rico, marco protagonist of his campaign, and sold for both woman and man in different lines such as the sports, swimwear and denim.

We Go on Vacation with David Gandy for Lucky Brand 2

Within the aesthetic”American man”: hard, masculine and practical we find to a” David Gandy with a buff waistcoat my love. To make us as it will be much more difficult but good, try it. As always, are also protagonists jeans.

As we have said before, the protagonists of Lucky Brand they are the Cowboys, very basic. Its collection features straight cuts, a very controlled washing and low-waisted. I do not know if you the same thing happens, but my having find it me uncomfortable so short waisted in trousers. What do you think?

David Gandy also wanders along the beach and gives walks along the sand with your partner’s photo shoot Missy Rayder. On this occasion, much that is one of the best models in the world, I have to say RESOUNDING NO TO THIS BATHING SUIT!!. Starting because that long is too much and never understand pockets superimposed on bath clothes.

We Go on Vacation with David Gandy for Lucky Brand 3

One of the few times we see him with an upper garment, since it seems that they wanted to benefit much from the body of the model, appears with this floral print Polo that my I liked. You know that this spring-summer are no one if you’re not wearing this floral print.

The campaign, photographed by TBC, It has all the freshness and naturalness that we want to see at this time. In the video, we see some looks we where t-shirts with large logos, colors, shirts paisley and a very successful shoe. Life in color!!