What to See in Kerkyra, Corfu (Greece)

by | July 11, 2022

Kerkyra (Corfu) is the capital of the island of the same name. Kerkyra is a Greek name, and Corfu is an Italian one, which has taken root among foreigners. Corfu is the second largest island in the Ionian Sea after Kefalonia. It is the northernmost of the entire group and is considered the most beautiful. Its territory is covered with lush vegetation, among which the most common are cypress, olive and citrus trees. In ancient times, Kerkyra inspired many poets and artists, and today it has become one of the most fashionable resorts in Greece.. This is one of the first islands that tourists began to visit, so the infrastructure here is developed at a very high level. At the same time, real Greek settlements have been preserved in little-visited mountain corners, which attract guests with their calm, quiet atmosphere and clean air.

The island has many magnificent beaches with golden sand or white pebbles and crystal clear sea. On the popular sandy beaches of Acharavi, Sidari, San Stefanos, Roda vacationers will not be bored: here they can ride water skis, jet skis, parachutes, canoes, catamarans, play beach volleyball, go scuba diving or windsurfing, go yachting. On the shore, you can always have a bite to eat in traditional Greek taverns or look into a bar. Glyfada is considered the most luxurious beach, with soft golden sand and small tables by the sunbeds so that vacationers can order at any of the beach cafes. If someone is looking for silence, then you can retire to the beaches of Kerasia, Barbati, Avlaki, San Spiridon. Corfu is the most popular diving destination in all of Greece. Here you can admire the underwater inhabitants, among which there are barracudas, lobsters, groupers, moray eels; endless reefs, caves, dives can start from June. The main dive sites are located on the west coast of the island; get to them by boat. There are several schools for beginner divers on the island.

According to Harvard Shoes, the capital of the island is the city of Kerkyra . It was founded in the 8th century. BC. The Romans, Byzantines, Goths, Venetians, Turks, French, and British argued for the right to own Kerkyra. Each conqueror, trying to keep the island behind, built fortresses and palaces here, so the capital keeps a unique combination of several cultures. The Old City dates back to the 13th century. This is the largest “living” medieval complex in Greece.. In the appearance of the city, the influence of the Venetians, who ruled here for 400 years, is most pronounced. The most notable buildings of this period are the Old (Morskaya, XII-XVI centuries) and New (Coastal, XVII centuries) fortresses. On the territory of the Sea Fortress there is a museum where annual exhibitions of local artists are held. In the Old Fortress, performances with Ionian folk dances and light and sound shows are arranged in the summer. The Venetians decorated Kerkyra with monuments, squares, churches and red-roofed high-rise buildings, so that it looked like an Italian Renaissance city.

After them, power over the island first passed to the French, and then to the British. From them the city got Esplanade (or Spinada) square, the most beautiful and lively square of the capital; liston street, which is a vaulted gallery housing cafes, restaurants and shops (a miniature copy of the Parisian Rue de Rivoli); the palace of Saints Michael and George, which served as the residence of the High Commissioner, and now houses the Museum of Asian Art in its halls; the palace of Mon Repos, the birthplace of the Duke of Edinburgh, and many other masterpieces of architecture. As in almost any Greek city, Corcyra has an Archaeological Museum, where you can see the remains of the local temple of Artemis, dating back to 590 BC. In the city center is Church of St. Spyridon (XVI century), the patron saint of the island. The church houses a sarcophagus with the relics of the saint and gifts from the faithful. Among other churches of interest are the Cathedral of the Virgin Spiliotissa, where ancient Byzantine icons and icons of the Ionian school are kept; the unusual church of St. George on the territory of the Old Fortress, which was built by the British in the Doric style and resembles an ancient Greek temple; Church of Saints Jason and Sosipater (XII century), considered the most beautiful monument of Byzantium.

Kanoni Square offers a beautiful view of the Blachernon Monastery and the islet of Pontikonisi with the Pantokrator Monastery. This islet is a famous symbol of Kerkyra. According to the legend described by Homer in the Odyssey, it is the mythical ship of Odysseus, which the god of the seas Poseidon turned into a rock.

Kerkyra, Corfu (Greece)